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Animal Crossing New Leaf - Part 1 (Arcadia)

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Part 1 (Arcadia)

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Part 1 (Arcadia) is the first part of Andrew's let's play Animal Crossing: New Leaf uploaded on June 9th 2013.


Andrew starts playing and is greeted by Rover, Andrew says he's very annoying and rude and he's not taking a liking to him. On alot of questions Rover asks Andrew keeps saying that everything's a secret! Andrew arrives at Arcadia and he's overwhelmed by his look and then meets Porter who he mistakes for Rover. Andrew gets out of the train station and he notices a couple of villagers: Nan , Drift and Sprinkle. Also an unnamed dog who says he's the mayor, but Andrew keeps playing dumb. The unnamed dog and he are going to town hall but first he talks to Sprinkle who says she's the first to be at the train station. Andrew takes a liking to Sprinkle, especially for her name and her cuteness. Andrew decides to go to the beach first but the unnamed dog doesn't let him, with him reacting: "UGH, I don't know if i'm gonna like this lady." The two finally go to town hall and the dog introduces herself, her name is Isabelle. Isabelle explains the basics and that Andrew needs to put down a house and about the TPC, he needs to go to Tom Nook so he could put down a plot of land to build a house on. He wants to put his house on the beach but Tom Nook doesn't let him so he decides to put his house nearby the beach and his neighbours. Tom Nook sets a tent for him up so he can sleep in that with a mailbox, and he doesn't want to tell how much it's gonna cost with Andrew reacting to think that's shady. Andrew now needs to go to town hall again for a ceremony. On the ceremony he sees his other two neighbours Robin and Angus. He likes Angus because he's a cow and he had Robin in one of his previous town in another Animal Crossing game. After the ceremony Andrew has a day off to talk with his neighbours and go to the shops, he visits Robin and likes the music she has playing (K.K. Bossa) and says she's very nice and polite which is ironic becasue of Robin and Andrew having issues later in the Let's Play, the same goes for Angus. Andrew finally is at the beach and ends the part.