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Animal Crossing New Leaf - Part 2 (Train Traveling)-0

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Part 2 (Train Traveling)-0

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Part 2 (Train Traveling) is the second part of Andrew's let's play Animal Crossing: New Leaf recorded on June 9th, uploaded on June 10th 2013.


At the start of of this part Andrew enables spotpass gifts and enters the town where he's greeted by Isabelle who asks if the date and time is good, then he leaves his house and is greeted with Pete who was deleviring mail. Andrew opens his mailbox and has one letter form an unkwown sender, who's actually the person that was gonna become the original mayor. Later Andrew changes his TPC comment in "Omg hi!". Andrew goes to Nookling Junction where he meets Tommy. Andrew buys a fortune cookie for the first time (but he doesn't eat it yet). Then Andrew decides to visit Nooks Homes to know how much the loan costs, it costs 10,000 bells but Andrew doesn't have to money yet, with Tom Nook reacting "I'm quite a generous raccoon, i have a heart of duplex 2 bathroom house!". With Andrew reacting "Who are you and what did you do to Tom Nook?". Andrew finally decides to visit his friends and is going to the train station, but first he needs to take a picture at the photo booth. He returns to the train station with Porter saying "You have quite a unique face, I mean just look at that nose!". Andrew says he doesn't really like Porter's humour. Andrew finally arrives at MelatoninMeow/MelMeow's town "MeowTown". Shuja(z) and Jgrant2/ Ke$ha are there too. Andrew gives Melatonin apples but accindently ate one, where Andrew is quite shocked about. Andrew also gets 3 cherries from MeowTown. After that Andrew visits Melatonin's re-tail where he meets Reese and Cyrus. Later on Andrew talks to one of MeowTown's villagers named Alice who immidiatley wants to become friends with Andrew. Sadly after he's done talking with her an error occurs and he's back at Arcadia where's Andrew is kinda upset about with saying "My day is ruined!". Andrew will go back offscreen to give the apples again. Andrew eats his fortune cookie and has lucky ticket, receiving a Fi mask and thinks it's kinda creepy. Then he visits the post office where he meets Pelly and ends the part.