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Bella Goth is one of the main characters of The Sims series. She is currently working as a housewife and is currently living with her original family, Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander Goth. Bella has been married two times in the series, where the two grooms were Scruffy Grapes, whom made him a widower, and Mortimer Goth, her current husband.


"Elegant and athletic are two qualities that describe Bella. She enjoys a variety of activities from golf to miniature golf."

Bella Goth was presumed to be born in SimVille to Jocasta Bachelor, whom is working in a local bookstore, and Simis Bachelor, whom is working in the journalism profession. She also has one older brother named Michael, whom just graduated college and was ready to start his life in SimVille. Bella first sighting was when Andrew wanted to go to her biography because he finds it interesting.

When she was first introduced into the series, Andrew instantly promoted her to become a main character for the series, as he revealed his plans on making her a prisoner in his future dungeon specifically for her. Bella was already being an addition to the problems for the family, where she once broke the Grapes sink on purpose. This made Andrew even eager to earn enough money for the dungeon.

She instantly fell inlove with Scruffy and had their first kiss, revealing her hidden southern side to him. When Scruffy finally had the guts to confront Bella for a proposal, she just had to play hard to get towards him and resulting in three failed attempts. It turns out that her needs were just too low for making a descision like that and was immediately taken care of by Andrew. She finally accepted the proposal and became a new member of the Grapes, where she also fell into the trap.

Andrew soon made a "room" for her to survive in and made her an official pet for the family's "Sim Zoo", where she had a miserable time in it. During her days in the fenced area, she pee'd herself and even fought with Bethany finally redeeming Bella's iconic red dress, and trading her hideous blue officewear. Soon, she was given some company by Andrew, where that company was given by exploding gnomes.

When Livin' Large expansion pack was installed, Bella's torture room was extended and was given some furniture that can fill her needs a little, where a toilet; a bed; a painting; and an chair to sit on was added. She was even given a even more miserable time when Tragic Clown kept on coming inside her torture room and making her cry all the time. Bella then incorperated in getting rid of Tragic Clown. 

However, even if she helped the sucessful plan of getting rid of Tragic Clown, she was still killed by Andrew when he was showing off how Sims will die of electrocution. During the process of taking her spirit away, Scruffy had pleaded for Bella's life to the Grim Reaper. This, unfortunetly, fails and Bella was taken away from existence for eternity.

As a few parts have passed, Andrew had decided to resurrect Bella from the deceased and returned her to the Goth household, where she and Mortimer had renewed their vows and lived their lives to the fullest once again. But one day, she was taken away by aliens and was never seen ever again, letting Mortimer attempt to find a new lover.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bella is shown to be wearing her iconic red dress and a pre-made head, which has black hair and little heavy makeup such as red lipstick. This was changed when Andrew had Bethany fight for her red dress, where she lost and had to wear Bethany's hideous blue officewear.


Bella is described to be elegant and athletic, as of her description for The Sims. But during the series, she was one of the people Andrew had personally had hated and played with. Bella has a southern side, where she shown Scruffy Grapes when they had their first kiss. She was also gullible for falling into Andrew's trap.


  • Even though Bella died as a member of The Grapes, Andrew had reunited her with her first husband Mortimer Goth and had their second child, Alexander Goth.
  • When Bella was abducted by aliens, it resembled to her story in The Sims 2 console when she had been abducted by aliens and was returned safe on Earth.