TS1 Part 2

Bethany Grapes is the wife (or Husband as Andrew mistakenly called her in the second episode of The Sims) of Bill Grapes, mother of Danny Grapes and grandmother of Paula Grapes. She is a medium skin tone Sim and wore a blue business suit and had the blonde version of Bella Goth's head. She is the meanest Sim in the neighborhood as well as the neatest.

Rivalry with Bella Goth Edit

Andrew mentioned in the first episode that he disliked the Goths for a reason that was unstated, He continued with this saying in Bethany's biography saying that; "Bethany also despises Bella Goth." and "Bethany's lifetime wish is to steal the one-of-a kind dress from Bella Goth". A few episodes later Scruffy married Bella Goth and trapped her in a picket fence cage, That same episode Bethany and Bella fought, Since Bella lost, Bethany won and got the red dress and Bella was stuck with the blue suit. In the episode "Livin' Large" Bethany and Bella fought one last time, yet again Bethany won and Bella left the house to go and live with her Ex-Husband, Mortimer again.

Personality Edit

Bethany is the meanest of all the Sims in the entire series. She is the neatest aswell. She is also the one who uses the Genie Lamp the most.