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Danny Grapes is one of the main characters of The Sims series and a returning character in The Sims 3: Combined. He is working in an unknown profession and is currently living with Bill, Bethany, Paula, Marilyn, Rose and Frank Grapes. Danny is shown to be slightly-played with and neglected at most times, resulting his grades to drop as well as his mood. But when the series moves further, Andrew started noticing Danny and took care of him greatly, resulting his grades to rise but his mood was neutral to the others.


Danny Grapes was born in SimVille to Bethany Grapes, whom is working in the politician profession and Bill Grapes, whom is working in the military profession. He was a handful baby when he was first born and was taken care of his uncle Scruffy, where Andrew was relieved when Danny had finally aged up into a child. He was taken care off nicely by Andrew during his first few days of childhood and was studying properly for school.

He then became a "man" when he surprisingly phoned up the adoption service and adopted Paula. From the point onwards after adopting, he was starting to become neglected by Andrew, resulting his grades as well as his mood to drop down from before. His neglected life became a threat to Andrew when he realized he could be sent to boot camp, and will never be seen again. He was then taken care off by Andrew properly once more and had avoided boot camp. 

The Grapes, including Danny, decided to move from SimVille to Roaring Heights and is currently reunited with Paula and the next generation of the household.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Danny is shown to have the pre-made simple children clothing, which featured a plain white shirt, blue shorts and matching shoes that goes with his shorts. He is the only member of The Grapes to not have change their clothing when Livin' Large was installed, where he remained with the same outfit again.

When he and the rest of the Grapes household decided to move to Roaring Heights, he finally shown to be an adult and has an entire different appearance.




  • Danny used to be so neglected that his grades and mood was dropped so low. But this was fixed after he was finally taken care by Andrew properly.
  • He is the first child born in the series, as well as in the Grapes household.
  • He was first seen outside of The Sims 1 during the final minutes of the Generations Bunny Family finale.