Fluffy Pineapple is one of Andrew's own characters in his "The Sims 1" series. He currently lives with his identical twin brother, Scruffy and his wife, Kitten.


"This is Fluffy. He is Fluffy and in the inside Scruffy! :-)"

Fluffy Pineapple was presumed to be born in Neighborhood 1, along with his identical brother Scruffy. At some point Scruffy and Fluffy were separated and Scruffy moved in with the Grapes family.

After the death of his wife/test subject Bella Grapes, Scruffy got invited to stay at Fluffy and Kitten's house, a proposal he accepted.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fluffy Pineapple's head is a recolored version of Scruffy's head. He has medium-long black hair, a five o' clock shadow and a chubby face. He wears a red Hawaiian shirt and shorts that were included in the House Party or Livin' Large Expansion Packs. 


  • Fluffy and Scruffy aren't considered siblings by the game, and could theoretically get married and fall in love with each other. This is because there is because Adult Sims don't have any real family relationships. It's up to the player to handle adult relationships.
  • Fluffy really has the same face as his brother, just with a thicker five o' clock shadow and darker hair. Their clothes are completely different, however.