Imaginary Witch is the hybrid life state created by AndrewArcade. During an episode of The Sims 3: Combined, Andrew had planned for two of the household members to become supernaturals, where he had planned Marilyn to become a fairy and Babs to become a witch.

But when Andrew had cheated and went into the Create-A-Sim, he changed Babs into a witch and when he had checked if Babs could transform into her imaginary friend form, the option to become one was still available to choose, shocking himself and revealing he had created a hybrid. 

Bugs Bunny could be possibly an Imaginary Witch.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sims of this hybrid are still able to transform into their imaginary friend form and still retain all the with abilties, but will unfortunetly lack of the magic meter; which is the meter for the regular supernatural's and results in the Sim never getting their magic depleted, making it unfair for the other supernatural's. The Sims of this life state is will not have a special color indicating their supernatural state. 

Imaginary WitchesEdit

Known WitchesEdit

  • Babs Bunny - One of the members of the iconic Bunny Family and an college graduate with a degree in Fine Arts. She was originally supposed to become a witch the fair way, but it didn't allow her to become one, so Andrew had taken her to Create-A-Sim and changed her life state from there. But when he had checked if she could become an imaginary friend again, it had given her the option, shocking Andrew and revealing he had created a hybrid. 

Possibly WitchesEdit

  • Bugs Bunny - Theories have been going around that Bugs might be an Imaginary Witch, but it isn't confirmed by Andrew yet since he hasn't checked it. This fact maybe true since he has Babs' DNA.