Jamel McHugh
Biographical information
Gender: Male
Life State: Ghost
Age: Young Adult
Residence: Windenburg, Havisham House
Hair color: Transparent
Eye color: Transparent
Traits: *Loves The Outdoors
  • Romantic
  • Domestic
Romances: *Tiffany Montgomery (girlfriend)
Appears In: The Sims 4: Get Together

Jamel McHugh is a ghost who's part the cast played in the Get Together Let's Play.

Character Edit

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In Buff Bros, Tiffany Montgomery, in an attempt to capture Marcus Flex's love, reaches the magical wishing well to wish for love, expecting it to make Marcus fall in love with her. However, the well dislikes Tiffany's attempts to go the easy route and instead curses her with a ghost boyfriend she cannot contact with easily, this ghost being Jamel. He dissapears and is nowhere to be seen.


Jamel possessing Tiffany, disturbing the entire arcade


That is until Paranormal Pleasure, the next day, where Tiffany finds him in the arcade, taking advantage of the cheap drinks offered to him due to the fact that it's Ghost Night. Tiffany approaches him and the two flirt, culminating in a closet Woo-Hoo, where Jamel dissapears again in a magical sequence of events, freezing Tiffany and disturbing the entire bar and it's atendees.

He is also the reason why Tiffany has to work her way up to impress Sergio Romeo, since the wishing well will not grant her love wish while she's in a relationship, in Be Gone Paragons , and keeps ignoring all of Tiffany's attempts to contact him, in New Player and Pool Party.

Almost There

Jamel attempting to ressurect through Wishing Well magic.

In Rest & Relaxation, alone in his haunted tudor house, he attempts to get his life back via the exact magic that brought him back from the afterlife as a ghost, wishing the wishing well for his life back. While the wishing well does grant his wish, something goes wrong in the process when he is lifted by magic in the air but to no effect, as he remains a ghost.

In Miss Misery, he finally has a calm meeting with Tiffany, as she pays a visit to his haunted house. Despite his efforts to try to hide and run from her, he is obligated to face the inevitable: breakup. As Tiffany starts realising that clearly their relationship is anything but healthy, she claims that they're through and leaves, as Jamel stays sad in the house.

By Satanic Spawn, it's revealed that he attempted several times to be resurrected by the Wishing Well, always to fail, or when he succeeded, the Grimm Reaper would chase him and kill him off again. Knowing of this, Tiffany spent time on the matter, compiling the things to make the mystical Book of Life, with the power to bring whoever reads it back to life. She gifts it to Jamel, who reads it back in his quaint haunted house, that soon becomes just a normal house, as he turns human at last. He proceeds to use his wish of the day to wish for happiness, more than the one he has, but it seems that the Well stopped working or something, because all that's left seems to be a sense of forced happiness, and while Jamel is sure he feels joy, it might be forced, maybe he didn't need to be human to be happy after all.

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Jamel is a ghost, therefore is is fully transparent. However, he sports long hair and a beret in his head, and dresses in a jacket, shirt and jeans.

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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together Edit

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Tiffany Montgomery Edit

For all means, him and Tiffany are ex-girlfriend and boyfriend, who were bound together by the wishing well curse. The two love each other, as the curse made them, however, Jamel behaves as if he doesn't feel affection for Tiffany, ignoring her, fleeing from her and the only time the two ever interacted was during Woo-Hoo, and he still ditched Tiffany after they were done. This can be blamed on many reasons, so far unknown. However the two are at least civil with each other, and interestingly it almost seems like he's been able to capture Tiffany's pity.