Kai Neves
Biographical information
Gender: Male
Gender Pronoun: He/Him
Life State: Sim
Age: Young Adult
Status: Missing
Occupation: Detective (former)
Traits: *Romantic
  • Music Lover
  • Lazy
Marital status: Single
Romances: *Kimiko Kurosawa (crush)
Enemy(s): *Gwen Lovelace
Appears In: *The Sims 4: Get to Work

Kai Neves is a Sim who's part the cast in the Get to Work Let's Play, as an antagonist.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Kai is a two-faced guy who is always constantly in a bad mood and furious. He's violent and mean, and also spontanous, as he will strike out of nowhere, wether there be a reason or not. He's completely not fit to his job as a police authority, since when he is not on the job he is both aggressive and a vandal, wrecking things around town, using his badge to prevent him from getting punished. However, he puts on a facade when he feels he needs too, mostly to charm the ladies, with suave moves and a kind endeavour, that can easily change. In fact, he seems to be very prone to mood swings.

Story Edit

The Sims 4: Get to Work Edit

Kai is first seen when Gwen Lovelace goes out her first patrol and notices he's really furious, approaches him a tries to calm him down. However, he is not having it, and rudely insults her and harasses her. Gwen is shocked to find that a delinquent such him turned out to actually be a detective and co-worker of hers. The two fight in the street and he is defeated, but luckily for him, his authority status made him immune to getting a citation. He later appears back at the Police Station, where he starts a fight with Gwen in the middle of the office as the other officers watch, but Gwen comes out victorious again.

However, the things change when he gets hit by the Llama flu and needs to be seen by a doctor at the hospital, and is seen by Kimiko Kurosawa, Gwen's friend, who talks to him and analyzes him, revealing that he's actually a suave romantic with a passion for art, which makes Kimiko surprised after what she's heard from him. The two definitely have some chemistry and after Kimiko cures him of his flu, he leaves with the promise of coming back. He is then seen in the background of one of Gwen's reference paintings, since he completely photobombed the photo she took to translate into a canvas. He is later seen at the hospital again, where Kimiko gets to treat him again, taking an X-ray and taking analyzes, continuing to make Kimiko think Gwen must've gotten the wrong impression from him and the two talk, while Alfonso O'Neil watches in jealousy. After he leaves the hospital facility without being cured, Kimiko decides to invite him over, since everyone else in the house is having friends over, however, it turns out Kimiko was the one who was wrong about Kai, since is anything but mellow to her. Angry from the start, he is rude and mean towards her, until Gwen hears his voice and reveals that she knows Kimiko, much to his surprise, fighting with him once more, expelling him from her house. He is the reason why Cooper Carter, the Police Department's chief, is displeased with Gwen's performence and it is implied that he has told Cooper about Gwen's aggressiveness towards her. Additionally, he's also seen quite often in his regular spot at the hospital's queue, pretending to be sick to check out on Kimiko, but is ignored.

Despite this lamentable event the last time they met , he is still invited by Kimiko's part, who blames his anger on the fact she didn't end up curing him, to Gwen's shop grand opening, and he does hang in there during the preparations, but as soon as the event starts, he leaves the scene and doesn't come back. He's one of the three pretends Kimiko is indecisive about actually getting steady with, but looses runner up to Alfonso, due to his attitude and his lack of attention and time spent with her. So he's left behind in the competition, though it seems he hasn't given up since he is seen several times at the hospital. He's later seen again at the actual wedding of Kimiko and Alfonso, since the two have connected a lot since then and enjoys the party, dancing and consuming the food and drinks. He seems to have gotten over his rejection so everything is fine.

He is never seen after this when he, along with a lot of other residents, mysteriously disappeared or emigrated out of town due to the game's culling system. It is never really known what happened to him and all the other people in terms of the story.

Appearances Edit

The Sims 4: Get to Work Edit