Kate Pistachio Bag is one of the main characters of The Sims 3 series. She was originally a NPC maid on a break in Central Park, but Andrew decided to have Douche Bag enter her life; they married in the original series and had one child together named Shirley in Ambitions.


The Sims 3 Edit

Kate Bag was first sighted when Andrew was scrolling around Central Park, in which he assigned Douche Bag to go and have a friendly introduction. After a small chat with her, Kate decided to leave and continue on with her job. But Douche was so desperate, that he stalked her to the house she was working in,

She was then invited to the household, in which Douche and Kate started chatting some more resulting into a date with her. During the date itself, Douche started making romantic moves on her which worked well with Kate and invited her to join the current household, in which she approved to and immediately went back to their home.

Andrew then gave her a makeover in which she had a new redhead hairstyle and dark and heavy makeup. She was supposed to have new clothes, but a wardrobe or a dresser was too expensive for the household funds so she didn't get new clothes until a later episode. Even though she and Douche aren't in relationship yet, she tried for a baby with him whilst touring the theater together. The attempt didn't work because Lara Croft was already pregnant and there was no more room for another sim in household. 

The Sims 3: Ambitions Edit

She later moved to Twinbrook and joined the firefighter profession after being employed for a duration of time. There, she gave birth to her only child and daughter Shirley Bag, whom she raised fairly enough.

The SIms 3: Generations Edit

Kate then moved to Bridgeport alongside her husband Douche Bag after reaching an elderly stage. She is also reunited with her daughter and met her grandchildren and her son-in-law for the very first time in her life. In the same town, she was buried after dying of old age. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kate Bag was shown to have brown hair before Andrew gave her red hair. She used to wear her uniform when she was an NPC before she revealed her default clothing, where it was an off-the-shoulder top and Bermuda shorts. When she was given new clothing, she wore a white blouse, black shorts, stockings, and red heels. She was also given a tattoo along her left arm. The tattoo is not seen on her after the original Let's Play The Sims 3.

Personality  Edit

Kate Bag had possessed the traits of a charismatic, neat, flirty, kleptomaniac, and brave Sim. She was shown to be very fond of the color red, her favorite food was ratatouille and her favorite music genre was pop. 


  • Kate Bag used to serve as a NPC maid, but because Andrew invited her into the current household, she became unemployed and soon forgot about her past experiences as a maid.
  • She has appeared, together with Douche, in every single playthrough, except for The Sims 3 World Adventures and Supernatural.

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