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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 11
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 11 (Movie Hangout) is the 11th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

The magic of a romantic movie inspires Rafa and Candy when the two finally start dating after the gang visits an outdoor movie hangout spot.

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Plot Edit

Sonya and Josh head to work as Tiffany inspired to write a book Prisim Moves with a series of short stories about Sonya's club, including soundtrack made by Rafa, bringing her friend's skills together for success. As Rafa cleans the house, he receives a suprising text from Candy inviting to hang out, it seems she is getting more open to the idea of a relationship, after her recent heartbreak. Rafa goes and visits her then, in her house, and finally gets the guts to ask her on a date, after being rejected in the past, while Moira stalks them. However Candy is starting to send Rafa mix messages, as she rejects his flirts but flirts back, setting an akward mood, as they're stuck in the middle point of being friends and dating, not sure which way to follow.

They head to the Club & Pub bar and play some darts, having a good time, before Candy leaves without telling Rafa, so he decides to gather the troops, and calls Tiffany, Sonya and Josh for a movie session at the Windenburg's Islands, where he finds Candy again, strangely enough. They find a outdoors cinema hangout, with a big screen and accomodation and decide to spend the afternoon watching movie.

The first movie is a Tiffany choice, obviously Diamonds Are For Sims, and, while Candy and Rafa sit together enjoying popcorn, everyone makes a ruckus, standing in front of the screen and talking, much to Tiffany's annoyance.

Next movie, Sims Of The Dead, a horror movie and everyone having a good time, and then Simder, as Candy and Rafa distance themselves to flirt a little, making their first move, having their first kiss as the romantic movie plays and in the end of the movie, Rafa finally asks Candy if she wants to be his girlfriend, and she happily accepts. The two are all love and tender as they finish the night with a bush woo-hoo, as Josh watches and takes a selfie with the couple.

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Milestones Edit

  • Rafael and Candy start dating.
  • This part is dedicating to showcasing the most recent expansion pack at the time: Movie Hangout Stuff, so some time of it is spent showing items and the stuff included.