Bear Night
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 13
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 13 (Bear Night) is the 13th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

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The Pixel Perfect crew is unstoppable when the gaming club works really hard to finish their first actual game. However, it's Bear Night at the arcade's bar, so Josh uses the opportunity to get closer with Cassandra, where love might be starting to sprout.

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Early on a Monday morning, Josh is determined to finish his video game and start a gathering at their favourite arcade. Down in their little basement cyber café area, they gather, focused, each person with a role to finish Slobman, together. However, Diego, Janessa and Travis have to leave for work, which opens up an opportunity for Cassandra to get closer to Josh and possibly flirt a little.

Arvin and Josh work hard on the game, to get it finished this day, while Cassandra kindof just messes around, but they have a break once the happy hour arrives, so Josh goes by a drink on the arcade's bar, and decides to order a drink for her too, and they chat a bit, the topic being Cassandra's dead parents, and the two become closer friens than ever, and Josh eventually starts getting flirty with her, just as Bear Night comes right around the corner.

As the bar fills with people dressed in bear costumes, the game is back to production, and Josh is able to finish Slobman, after so much effort, and goes back home, since he is just so tired after the long day. However, he brings Cassandra with him, since the love between the two is starting to sprout, and she creepily sits in his bedroom as Joshua sleeps, but then leaves because she's having "a bit of a personal emergency". In the dining room, Rafa reminices about finally asking Candy on an official date, now that the two are girlfriend and boyfriend, and decides to do so the following day.

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