Some Like It Hot
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 16
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 16 (Some Like It Hot) is the 16th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Josh gets a promotion and decides to celebrate at a lounge, where everyone has the chance to meet with their significant others, in Tiffany's case that means no good, when she comes across Siobhan's boyfriend Sergio and decides she'll steal him from her. Meanwhile, Sonya is sad and tired of waiting for her time with Dominic to come so she talks him into divorce with Moira, which he so does, after she sets fire to the kitchen and to their marriage. Sonya looses no time and declares her love to Dominic and the two start dating, putting an end to Sonya's anxieties, for now.

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It's a beautiful Thursday in Windenburg and Josh comes home with a promotion, receiving a text from Travis, who congratulates him and invites him to go out. He goes to a lounge in Willow Creek, Travis' local town, and he brings both Cassandra, Tiffany and Sonya with him, to drink up a little bit. However, Tiffany gets distracted with something else, Sergio is back and Tiffany now knows that he is Siobhan's boyfriend, as well as being a Paragon, so she introduces herself to him, to start her plan to possibly steal him away, just to spite Siobhan.

On the second floor of the lounge, Josh notices an awsome gaming area and starts a gathering of the Pixel Perfect, and so they find themselves occupied with an arcade game, which Tiffany doesn't join since she's busy trying to win Sergio over. However, she remembers Kimiko and decides to give her a ring to hang out together, since they see each other in forever. The three spend some time talking while the Pixel Perfect gang and Sonya enjoy the facility, and are joined by Rafa, who's been promoted to a musician. Josh also sees Cassandra right there and decides to flirt some more, before the four roomates decide to join together at a table, bonding with each other.

At the table, Sonya complains about her love life, how she's still in the friendzone with Dominic and how she's afraid the two will never have anything due to her club dissaproval, but realizes that, at the lounge they are at, no Prisim crew members are present, so she calls Dominic to come meet her, to fullfill the promise she made of at least attempting to lure him into divorce with Moira. Tiffany supports her and gives her confidence, which Sonya appreciates.

At the bar, Kimiko and Tiffany continue to bond, while Sonya is starting to feel really sad, seeing so many couples at the lounge and her all alone. Luckily, Dominic has arrived and she decides to gather the bravery and ask the heart-hitting question, if he's willing or not to end his relationship with Moira. Dominic agrees, the two were already separated and he realizes he can do much better, and decides to break with her that night.

It seems everyone's love life is on a roll, as Candy has also arrived for Rafa and Cassandra and Josh bond tight inside a bathroom stall. However, everyone starts feeling unconfrotable and its getting late so the group heads back home, but Sonya stays behind at the harbour, where she leaves to Dominic's house, creepily stalking him and watching him walking into the house. Through the window, she can see Moira cooking and waits to see if Dominic will keep his promise to divorce with her this night. However something else happens, Moira sets the kitchen on fire with her cooking, making Siobhan and Morgan try to save the house with fire estinguishers, as everyone runs out scared. The distraction sees to have made Dominic forget about his promise, as his daughters cry over the fire, but Sonya just can't wait anymore. Luckily, Dominic hasn't forgotten and, in fact, breaks up with her for good in front of the daughters and the burned down kitchen.

Moira is visibly upset and, despite the fact they were already separated to begin with due to Moira's encounter with Sonya and Dominic at the harbour. The daughters cry over the divorce, but Sonya is having none of that, in fact she has the nerve to immedietly confess her attraction right in front of the shattered family. She has waited this long, and has finally started a more romantic relationship with Dominic. She looses no time into kissing him for the first time, in the grounds were he and Moira divorced, and the two finally start dating and then go Woo-Hoo in none other than Siobhan's closet in front of his children no less. Sonya has had enough of the Fryes family.

Sun has risen and Sonya is back at home and heading to work, with Tiffany and Josh, while Rafa daydreams of getting engaged to Candy.

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Milestones Edit

  • Sonya finally shatters Moira's and Dominic's relationship and causes them to divorce.
  • Sonya has her first kiss with Dominic right away.
  • Sonya starts dating Dominic.
  • Sonya has Woo-Hoo for the first time.