Let Them Eat Cake
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 18
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 18 (Let Them Eat Cake) is the 18th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

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Tricia and Sterling decide to tie the knot and marry at the Von Haunt Estate, a marriage that's nothing short of chaotic, when the guest aren't colaborating at all, bt at least it unites family and friends.

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It's the start of the weekend in Sterling's and Tricia's mansion, and the couple is getting prepared for the wedding that will happen that day. Tiffany, that was staying at their house for a few days, goes distract Cheryll, playing and talking to her.

Down at the gym, Sterling plans everything, inviting everyon's aquaintances and making it so that it happens at the beautiful Von Haunt Estate, hiring Diego as their caterer and Marcus as their barista.

The wedding has started and Tiffany's pretty much in charge of everything, receiving the guests and all. Kimiko has come too and Tiffany is happy to see her again, after so much time. However, it is time to start the ceremony, so Tiffany escorts a large group of people over to the area where the wedding will take place, as Diego has finally finished a mediocre BonneFetti cake. Meanwhile, Tiffany's group literally runs to the wedding arch, all around the garden, as Tricia comes out of the chateaux, looking beautiful in her wedding dress.

Tricia and Sterling are off to the wedding arch and finally get married, exchanging both vows and warm kisses, however nobody in the wedding is really paying attention, as Marcus plays on his tablet and everyone just generally runs around her gardens, exploring the beautiful apparel.

Back from the wedding site into the manor, the couple is shocked to see that chaos has set in and people are all scattered around the place, not to mention some of them have even started to ear the wedding cake. However, Tricia has everything under control: she starts baking another, fancier, cake herself and clears up the historic museum exposition to replace by a dancefloor, with DJ booth, bar and all, totally putting the historical aside.

Now that a DJ has arrived, everybody hits the dance floor, doing an impressive group dance, having fun and socializing and having drinks, only the barista is also not really colaborating, since his skills are slow and he's just kind of just ignoring everyone's requests, so the party is still a wreck. However, the cake is finally finished and the bride and the groom finally hit the party together and, instead of slow dance, they do a dance battle instead, Windenburg style.

Tricia and Sterling find it's time to cut the first slice, as some more excentric guest start to blow horns, and the two share their slices, now that they're happily married. The party ends soon and the couple heads back home, where Sterling receives a suprising, yet very sarcastic, text from none other than Archer, ignoring it completely.

Tiffany goes back to her house with Josh and Sonya, who's feeling rather insecure this time around, due to her jealous nature, not knowing what Dominic is doing or with who, so she calls him only to find that he's "busy" right now, which only makes her feel worse. Meanwhile some household things are being repaired by the repaired company, who complitely scams the group after charging them twice, so everyone just goes to sleep, tired of the day.

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  • Tricia and Sterling get married.