Shine Bright
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 1
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 1 (Shine Bright) is the 1st Part of the Get Together Let's Play. Sonya, Rafael, Joshua and Tiffany are intrdouced in this part, as well as their traits, aspirations and starter home.

Summary Edit

Four new Sims are hitting Windnburg, prepared to broaden their social life by creating or participating in their very own clubs! Tiffany Montgomery starts it all up by asserting dominace over the town and creating her very own club of infamous socialites who are ready to take the world by storm.

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Starter Home GT

The apartement complex: Les Apodements.

Sonya Sanchez, Rafael Vazquez, Joshua "Josh" Kauffman and Tiffany Montgomery move in to their community apartement complex in the middle of Windenburg's downtown.

While hanging out in their new home, getting to know each other better, Tiffany eyes an athletic Sim jogging and immedietly draws attention to him. It's Marcus Flex, and introduces herself to her right away. However, the five decide to mingle around Windenburg, visiting the Hare and Headhog Café first. They order some drinks and snacks. Josh hangs out with Marcus Flex and some guys at the café, later joined by Rafa, but Tiffany has other plans, as she sees one of the Paragons (the club she wishes to rival), Sofia Behr, and immidietly approaches her rudely. However, Sofia ditches her right away. Clara Behr, her mother, was clearly on her side, so Tiffany promises war with the Upper Crusts too, approaching Clara rudely instead.

Snobbish Bjergsens

Clara and Sofia, minding their bussinesses before being approaches by Tiffany, who's looking for a conflict.

But to start the drama, she opens her own club, which she calls the Tiffany & Diamonds, eventually recruiting three members, the infamous Eliza Pancakes, and the just as infamous Dina Caliente, as well as Windenburg native Joaquin Le Chien. The members immedietly decides to meet to get to know each other better, choosing Joaquin's house as meeting spot, however Tiffany is shocked to find he lives a Paragon, Sergio Romeo, who she decides to bully and be mean to. However, her club life duty calls, as she feels compelled to help Eliza with her appaling fashion sense, giving her some preppy style. However the gathering soon ends, only for Tiffany to find out Joaquin has decided to leave the club, so she theorizes it must've been Sergio who's been spreding rumours, so she trashes him in front of his roomate. Joaquin, shocked to hear this, sets off on an argument with Sergio.

Pub Drink

Tiffany and Eliza checking out the "hotties" in the Shrieking Llama pub, in their first club gathering.

Tiffany, satisfied, leaves his house with Dina and Eliza, deciding to hang out in a lounge in Oasis Springs, only to find that her two minions have a lot to learn, as they are dressed terribly for the occasion. She soon regrets, as the lounge is full of elders and its far too expensive, so she, as the leader, decides to mingle some more around Windenburg, in The Shrieking Llama pub. There she meets yet another member of the Upper Crusts, Nina Munch, who she also starts beef with, setting her club's so wanted infamosity. She has some drinks and chats with her members, but Nina keeps being a creep, so she leaves, and goes back home to her roomates.

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Milestones Edit

  • This is the first episode of the Let's Play.
  • The main characters are introduced into the plot.
  • Tiffany creates the Cut Above, with the primilinary name Tiffany & Diamonds.
  • The Cut Above becomes an infamous club.