Buff Bros
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 22
The Sims 4 Get Together - Thumbnail 22
Air date 23 Feb 2016
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 22 (Buff Bros) is the 22nd Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Sonya and Rafa decide to merge Prisim and Spin Masters to end the war of the clubs, but Rafa decides to broaden his interests and join the local gym freaks, the Powerhouse, where Marcus is the leader. Hearing of this, Tiffany sneaks into the gathering and attempts to gain Marcus' love through wishing well magic, but her ambitions are punished when she is cursed with a ghost boyfriend, Jamel, who she has been induced to fall in love with.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

The apartement has been upgraded massively to incorporate a west wing, with a new room devision which finally allows Sonya her so deserved single room. However its night and Sonya and Rafa make an important decision regarding their rivaling clubs: they decide to merge the two dance crews into one, only leaving Joquin behind since noone really

gets with him anyways. So both Candy and Rafa ditch the scene and join Prisim. Now that he’s free from the Spin Masters, which was dear to him, Rafa decides that perhaps he should explore more and broaden his horizons, meet new people and decides to join the local club for the gym members, where none other than Marcus is the leader and, strangely enough, Paolo is a member too, along with Clara, who’s had some history with Tiffany. The latter, upon hearing of Marcus’ presence, comes approach the Powerhouse at a gathering at the gym, where Rafa intends to meet them, while Tiffany is more interested in mingling with Marcus for a bit.Rafa finds the wishing well just behind the gym and decides to wish for help in developing his skills, however the well is michievious and grants him the opposite wish, making him slower in skill learning. Dissapointed he goes back to working out with gang, but Tiffany has some plans with the wishing well, she wishes to catch Marcus’ romance. However, the well tricks Tiffany, when in a dark fog, the reaper summons the ghost of Jamel McHugh, who she falls madly in love with, haunting her as her boyfriend. She did wish for romance after all. Tiffany blames it on her

tired state of mind, as she’s really sleepy and probably allucinating. The ghost, however, vanishes and is nowhere to be seen out of nowhere.

The two weren’t treated

well at the gym and head back home, where Joshua continues with his app

programming, just as Tiffany carries with her books, starting yet another book. Sonya reunites the crew to introduce the new members, Candy and Rafa, and they dance and do the things they like to do. Tiffany spies Luna Villareal, one of the Paragons, from her window and is reminded of her mission to destroy them, while Sonya is starting to invisioning ways to possibly bring some romance into the game and play matchmaker with crew members, before heading to sleep.

Additions to the Starter House Edit

  • West Wing with three bedrooms and a hall
  • Pool Foundation
  • Fencing