Pool Party
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 26
The Sims 4 Get Together - Thumbnail 26
Air date 28 Feb 2016
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 26 (Pool Party) is the 26th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

The household trows a pool party at the complex where everyone is invited, giving them the chance to mingle and have fun: Sonya and Dominic get romantic in the garden's bush, Tiffany makes new friends and relax with her old ones, Josh entretains his club with board games, and Josh finds ways to have a good night, despite Candy's absence, by exploring into the Powerhouse lifestyle and enjoying the good ol' campfire.

Sims Edit

  • Sonya Sanchez
  • Joshua Kauffman
  • Tiffany Montgomery
  • Rafael Vazquez
  • Alfonso O'Neil
  • Cassandra Goth
  • Travis Scott
  • Arvin McGraw
  • Diego Moreno
  • Janessa Drummond
  • Jamel McHugh (mentioned)
  • Jade Rosa
  • Summer Holiday
  • Michell Kalani
  • Clara Bjergsen
  • Marcus Flex
  • Paolo Rocca
  • Dominic Fyres
  • Candy Behr
  • Dina Caliente
  • Nina Caliente
  • Alice Spencer-Kim

Plot Edit

Tiffany has finished her two ghostly romantic books: Casper Romancer and Love From 6-Feet Under, and like usually, suggests they throw an house/pool party, to bond with their clubs, mingle and just have a good time, especially now that the house has been so expanded, to incorporate a pool too.

So the party begins, it's A Cut Above, Powerhouse, Pixel Perfect and Prisim all in one apartement, ready for a night of fun pool activities. As the guests arrive, Rafa decides to immedietly put on a show by finally showing everyone his mixtape, 100 Flavours of Candy, which triggers a chain of dancing within the guests. Each of the gang members has a goal to achieve that night, Sonya wishes to spend some time with Dominic, freely, now that there are no club restrictions, Tiffany wants a relaxing time with the A Cut Above gals, Rafa just wants to have a good time, getting to meet the Powerhouse and mingle with Candy, and Josh just kinda wants to stay with Cassandra.

Sonya awaits for Dominic while the group is having fun, people have started to use the pool too, while Tiffany kind of sticked with herself for a while, playing chess all alone in the balcony, but once the party fire calls her, the diva come right down to join her squad. Meanwhile, Josh has started to grill some burgers, as Arvin connects with some friends on the otherside of the harbour, and Rafa notices the lack of Candy, who seems to have left. Luckily, he can still enjoy the night as the DJ Headliner has replaced him at the booth, so he can get down. Sonya and Dominic, surrounding by Prisim members, have a good time at the pool, swiming and splashing each other, happily. Since everyone is doing their thing, people are chatting, the Powerhouse keeps jogging everywhere and the dancefloor is heated, these two lovebirds decide to sneak out of the deck into one of the outdoor bushes, to Woo-Hoo.

Tiffany wonders about Jamel, she wishes she could meet him here, but there is no way she's able to contact him. She's looking forward to introduce him to everyone, to proove she's not insane and that she indeed was cursed with a ghost crush, but the time will come for that, since now she is inspired to tell the group a ghost story around the bonfire, feeding on Josh's burgers. As everyone from every group surrounds her to hear the story, the coast is clear for Dominic and Sonya, and the two Woo-Hoo in the bush. However, Mitchell and Clara do witness the two lovers, as they seem to be having a little randez-vous out on the deck.

The roomates decide to allow their friends into the complex, flooding the house, when each person leaves to do their own thing: Dominic fails a dancemove for the firstime, Rafa and Tiffany bond over a campfire song, Josh gets antisocial and starts doing stuff at his computer but soon joins his club for a good ol' game of Don't Wake The Llama, and Sonya hits the piano to potentially write a love song for Dominic.

Tiffany starts getting bored and decides to hit the upstairs spa area with the A Cut Above, starting up with a little skinny dipping in the jacuzzi. Playing new age at the stereo, her minioms seem to not like the idea and prefer dancing around, especially Alice who's loving that new age music. The minions all leave Tiffany on the spa, but soon she's joined by sweet Summer, from Prisim, who bonds with her. The Pixel Perfect members go crazy over the game they play, engaged on a weird staring contest, while Rafa hangs out at the pool with Dominic, who seems to have contracted a strange skin disease and is now full of spots, possibly poison ivy from the bush.

However, its starts getting late so the party ends, and everybody leaves and the household retrieves to their rooms and goes to sleep.