Rest & Relaxation
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 27
The Sims 4 Get Together - Thumbnail 27
Air date 2 Mar 2016
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 26 (Rest & Relaxation) is the 27th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

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Tiffany decides to reward Nina, the bearer of the Diamond Earrings, with an afternoon at her private spa, after Nina has some trouble with her boyfriend Adan. However she remembers her Paragon mission, so invites over Sergio who starts falling more and more under her spell. On the other side of town, Jamel has begun hauting a house and desperately tries to use the same magic that summoned him to raise him from the dead, only to be denied such wish.

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It's the afternoon after the party and Tiffany decides to relax a little, inviting Nina, who has the Diamond Earrings that simbolize she's Tiffany's best friend, to spend the afternoon with her at the new spa in the roof. Tiffany is suprised when Nina says she's busym especially because moments later she finds her walking past her in the harbour.

She soon discovers that Nina is actually very sad, so the spa randez-vous is perfect, to cheer her up, so Tiffany calls two massage therapists, Kassandra and Alessandra, to do their job. As the two get ready for said massages, Nina admits that the reason why she's so sad is because, earlier in the day, she spied her crush, Adan Hanna, flirting with someone else, and even admits she has a thing for Dominic. Engaged in their lotus blossom aromatherapy massage, the two relax as their backs are rubbed. Tiffany remineses about her literary success, as she has written a few books since the last time: The Ghost That Got Away, That Bush, The Curly Fairy and Nightmare On The Bussiness District, and has even started It's The Campfire Talking, all of which will bring home a lot of money once they're published.

After the massages, Nina and Tiffany engage in some relaxing yoga, as the night sky falls, with a beautiful view into the harbour, as everyone is beggining to get home from work. Kassandra and Alessandra have prepared drinks for the two carats and they head into the jacuzzi to soak a bit.

While Sonya gets to know Kassandra a little better, after her shift is over and she can no longer charge for massages, and Rafa practices some yoga, Tiffany orders her minion to give her a foot massage which is nothing short of painful. Sonya and Rafa hang out with drinks in the hot tub too, making the night worthy for everyone.

Tiffany remembers that she might want to move on with the plan to ruin the Paragons, so she invites over Sergio to join in on the little spa get together. He comes and Tiffany decides to play it smooth, since last time he wasn't too inclined into the flirting scene. Josh rushes home with not only a stolen computer but also a mega fancy one from his work, heading to his room immedietly, with a bowl of yogurt, do a little livestream.

Sergio and Tiffany continue to talk, as Tiffany requests a massage from him, very romantic, interrupted by Josh, who has turned a new leaf and left his slob ways behind, taking the dirty dishes away from the room, possibly also an excuse to check out on the drama. The mood is set and she flirts with him, which suprisingly is well received from him. However, he sassily refuses to exchange numbers with her, right in front of her. However, Tiffany isn't giving up so easily, so she takes him stargazing for a bit, her most successful move. However, its really late into the Tuesday night and even Nina is sleeping in a nearby bench, so Sergio decides that it's time to leave.

Ominously, in the other side of Windenburg, a simple old town house is being haunted by none other than Jamel. Reaching the wishing well and making a good donation, Jamel is finally ready to be raised from the dead by a wish. Lifted into the air by a swirl of magical light, something goes wrong and he isn't able to make the transition, making him a ghost again, only sadder.