Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 28
The Sims 4 Get Together - Thumbnail 28
Air date 4 Mar 2016
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 28 (Matchmaker) is the 28th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Sonya makes use of the new art studio on the basement to meet with the Prisim crew and play Cupid within the members, setting both Jade and Summer, and Mitchell and Paolo together, all while selling the paintings executed by the members in order to pay the loan taken to build said studio.

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Plot Edit

The household has finnaly gathered enough money to decorate the basement of the complex, with the requested money from a loan from the bank. The room is now devided in 3 parts: a gym section for the Powerhouse, with a sauna and all, an office area where the Pixel Perfect crew can meet and and art studio for Prisim to do their thing. The gang is finally satisfied with the apartement complex and settle down with the upgrades to it.

Sonya decides to start a gathering with her club, in order to introduce them to the atelier and to the club's new artsy vibe too. She calls the troops and escorts them downstairs, where they start painting away, immedietly. However, there aren't enough easles for all eight members of the crew, such that Sonya and Jade (and Rafa, who leaves to finish a mixtape request from Tiffany: Diamond Dolls) aren't able to paint any canvas and instead have to settle down to talking with each other, which is great for Sonya, seeing how she's been wanting to play matchmaker within the single members of the club, since both her and Dominic and Candy and Rafa are a thing. She tries to hook her up with Summer, who she thinks she has most chemistry with, by telling her she should flirt with her. Jade agree and doesn't hesitate to offer her a rose bud while she paints, asking her out, which Summer excitedly agrees on. Sonya is proud of her matchmaking skills and decides to move to the next love victims: Paolo and Mitchell.

However, she realizes that, since so many paintings are being manufactured under her supervision, she could sell them to the art collector she sell's her own paintings to and possibly gather some cash to cover the debt from the loan. Once everyone has made at least one painting, she collects them to sell and views some of them, in Mitchell's company, opening a great opportunity for her. She suggests that he should totally ask Paolo out, but he seems to be rather nervous about it, so she changes plans and makes the same suggestion to Paolo. However, none of them seem to be colaborating, that is, until Candy witnesses the two in privacy, where Paolo asks Mitchell out and he sais yes too.

Rafa has finished his mixtape and decides to take Candy to the sauna downstairs and relax a bit, but the two end up having Woo-Hoo, onlu to be interrupted by two happy couples, Dominic and Sonya, and Mitchell and Paolo, who join them. However, the sauna starts to get crowed as everyone wants to participate in the sauna session, so Tiffany calls everyone out for a good workout in the gym room, doing yoga and having fun. However, now that Sonya has made money and the crew has pretty much dispersed from the goals of Prisim, she decides to call it a day and stop the gathering, after such a rewarding day.