Booty Call
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 4
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 4 (Booty Call) is the 4th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

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The Sims of the household are out to exploring, broadening their clubs as Tiffany and Sonya have a good time at the bar, where the latter finds fresh recruits for her dance crew, and Joshua finally opens his club with a visit to the pub and the arcade, where thing's get steamy with some of the members. However, chaos sets loose when Tiffany discover that her loyal minion, Eliza, has overthrown her from her spot as leader of the Cut Above.

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It's afternoon and the household is getting ready to go to work, and just as Rafael leves for work, her receives a text message from Candy wondering if they could possibly meet for a club gathering, which he has to decline due to his job interfering. However, he does have plans to hit it up on Candy and possibly invite her for a date.

Sonya, on the other hand, come home from work and is in a pretty tense mood, so she decides to treat herself and go explore Windenburg some more, on her own, in hopes to perhaps recruit more people for her dance crew, since so far it is only Jade. However, she remembers some people she met at the disco, Summer Holiday and Mitchell Kalani, so she invites them to go with her, to a bar in the old town of Windenburg. When she gets there, she's suprised to find that Jade not only attends the place regularly but is also the leader of the Partihaus, a club dedicated to partying. She puts Summer and Mitchell to the test by doing a group dance, and they proove themselves to be valuable assets to the dance crew.

Tiffany returns from work, with a promotion, and heads on to Sonya's presence at the nightclub, where things are getting heated, since the leader of the Paragons, Siobhan Fryes, has just arrived at the club. Obviously Tiffany doesn't loose the opportunity to start a conflict, by being rude to Siobhan in their first meeting. On the other side of the dancefloor, Sonya invites Summer, Mitchell and the Partihaus Paolo Rocca to be part of Prisim, to which they accept.

Diego's Thirst

Diego pratically throws himself at Josh at the arcade's closet.

Joshua is back at home, while the girls party it out at the bar and Rafa is off at work, which leaves him alone time to work on his club rules and to develop what he can about it. He decides to invite a few people to the club, as so far noone had applied yet. He invites some Sims from the neighbourhoods: Travis Scott, , Diego Moreno, Arvin McGraw, Janessa Drummond and Cassandra Goth, who he adds after hearing about her parents murder. They all accept the request and Josh decides to have their first meeting at the newly opened pub. They start hanging out together, playing in arcade machines and just generally playing pub games, getting to know each other. Joshua even steals a pair of cannolis from the bar nextdoor (only to have it stole again by an alien named Isis Dawkins), and is generally having fun with his new friends, playing fuseball and just socializing and having a lot of coffee. He also tries to hook-up Travis and Diego, but fails and things get steamy when, due to possibly spiked coffee, Joshua changes the club rules so that the Pixel Perfect is converted into a woo-hooing club for the night and ends up woo-hooing with Diego himself, in a closet at the arcade.

However, the sun is coming up so its time for the gathering to end, so Joshua heads home, where he resets the club back to a gaming club. Rafa and Tiffany, who had both promotions, come home with new items, in Tiffany's case a computer. However, as she rests back at home, Tiffany finds out she is no longer the leader of The Cut Above, only to discover the club has a new leader, Eliza, who apparently overthrown her for not having enough money.

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Milestones Edit

  • Joshua meets and assigns the members of his club.
  • Sonya meets and assigns Summer, Mitchell and Paolo to her club.
  • Joshua woo-hoos for the first time.
  • Tiffany is expelled from the Cut Above.