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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 8
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 8 (Ball & Chain) is the 8th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Tricia's and Archer's marriage is over for good when the two finally divorce and Tricia goes live with someone who'll actually respect her, Sterling. Love life is truly complicated in this part, as, after Rafa's failed attempts to go on a formal date with Candy, the two meet at the Von Haunt Estate where he finds her life isn't all that bright lately. The same with Sonya, who finds that Dominic's wife Moira is nothing but a ball and chain to him.

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It's been about three months of the previous part and Archer has decided to show his face at the mansion again. Tiffany, who in the mean-time has decided to pay a visit to Tricia, who's in the midst of moving out, gets in a fight with him and comes out victor. The separation has had an impact in Tricia however as, despite that fact that she's moved on and started seeing someone else, she's not sure if she wishes to move forward with the divorce,as perhaps she could be able to fight through it and give Archer a second chance. In the now completely empty mansion, that is being put for sale, Tiffany is not having it and has a talk with Tricia about how urgent their divorce is and convinces her to do so, successfully. Tricia breaks up with him, which leaves devastated but her life isn't over just yet.

She has been seeing Sterling Hoffmann, an old friend from way back when the two worked on the fashion fotography bizz, with Sterling being a model, and have since found a long-lost love between the two, so much that Sterling offers to take Tricia into his mansion, in Willow Creek. Tricia is really sad and goes cry in the closet, however, Sterling calls her out to cheer her up, by showing her a suprise he has arranged for her: a room full of the photos they have taken over the years, which makes Tricia feel happier.

Back at the apartement, the main roomates' shenanigans haven't stopped unfolding. While everyone works on their jobs, by training the skills that are required but everyone is really craving a club gathering. Rafa, in especific, trains his comedy for his job as an entreteiner and, before heading off into work, he tries his luck with Candy, inviting her out on a date, however she declines However the two decide to at least hang out a bit.

They visit the Von Haunt Estate and explore the estate and its secrets. Candy is on a terrible mood, really angry from whatever her day has done to her, as well as sad. Rafa notices and tries to brighten her day, with a try at the big maze, except Candy isn't feeling it. Meanwhile, since Candy is acting all strange, Rafa decides to explore the manor and learn about how it was almost destroyed in a fire and how rumours claim it is haunted, with two ghosts that Rafa actually meets: Lord and Lady Shallot. However, when the "date" is over, he discovers the reason for her sadness: she had witness the Sim she had a crush on flirt with another Sim, and it is heavily implied it is none other than Marcus Flex. Rafa lets her go and goes to work.

Back at the house, Sonya has an idea: she should visit Dominic at its house. As Tiffany and Josh both are promoted, she knocks on his door but he is not in the house, only his daughter Morgan Fryes, but she rings him to ask to hang out anyways. They go to one of the islands secluded beaches, where no Prisim can watche them, and dance around a bonfire and stargaize for a while and Sonya feels compelled to break out of the friendzone and flirt a little, but she is aware hes is married to Moira Fryes and does not feel confortable playing the same game as Archer and ruining a relationship, so she decides to wait and possibly lure him to break up with her. So she asks Dominic what are his feelings for Moira like, to which he responds that she "is his ball and chain", leading Sonya to believe that his marriage is not the best and that maybe he feels too confined with Moira. They head to the Bluffs and decide to skinny dip in the natural pool, completely platonically, and Sonya even shows off some diving skills. It seems that the radio the A Cut Above used on their last adventure in the Bluffs is still there and on so they dance a little a bond, leading Dominic to fully admit that he and Moira aren't the happiest of couples, before they go back to their respective houses.

Milestones Edit

  • Tricia and Archer divorce;
  • Tricia moves in with Sterling;