Knight at the Arcade
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 9
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 9 (Knight at the Arcade) is the 9th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

When Candy is feeling happy again, Rafa hangs out with her and Joshua goes meet with his club in a brand new arcade, where a mysterious Moira in shining armour appears to look for love. Meanwhile Tiffany has fully embraced the idea of being a writer and Sonya has a little conflict with her roomie's crush, Marcus.

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Plot Edit

Thursday morning in Windenburg and Rafa keeps training his DJing in his newly decorated room and as night appears Tiffany thinks its time to follow Kimiko's advice and start up a ledgit writing career. She has brainstormed an idea and decided to write Diamond Kingdom: Rise of the Trash Queen, which is pretty much a flowery book of shade for Eliza and what she did to her. Sonya also does some paintings around the district.

Rafa os done with his DJing and decides to text Candy asking her to hang out, which she suprisingly accepts, only the chosen venue is the Von Haunt Estate, where they'd been the previous week, which dissapointing to him, but he's happy to see that Candy has cheered herself up again.

Joshua is ready to greet the night... at the arcade with his friends. He invites over Diego to the newly opened arcade, built on the bulldozed Hare and Hedgehog Café, and starts a gathering with the Pixel Perfect. Everyone attends and they have a great time in the new arcade, in a ciber café area of the arcade, all programming and playing games together, just like the club demands. Josh even decides to start making a videogame but stops to enter an online tournanament which he looses.

Things starts getting heated up when it seems that drama has set within the club members and the a flirty Sim in a full on kinght armor heads their way, possibly to get some action, but Josh soon discovers its actually Moira, who's clearly trying to hide her identity to be free to do whatever she wans without anyone recognizing.

Turns out Sonya was actually on the neighbourhood too, completing her paintings, and has started beef with Marcus Flex, who's very angry at her and the two enter in a conflict. Joshua is tired, and so is Sonya, so the twi head back home to their beds. Tiffany resumes back to her book and plans on meeting with the Cut Above sometime soon, since she has some new members she has yet properly explored.