Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 11
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 11 (DA BOOTY 2000) is the 11th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Diego is feeling focused at work and finally gets to make his ideas into inventions, creating a special serum that will make people angry, testing it on fellow scientist Joel, and a SimRay that can freeze people, which he names DA BOOTY 2000 and also tests on poor Joel.

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Monday morning in Oasis Springs, and the roomies are developing their skills, as Gwen paints a canvas and Diego fixes the stereo and cooks a bunch, just as Kimiko wakes to leave to the hospital, hoping for a promotion.

Diego takes a break from all his brownies and cooks something else, and Gwen feels inspired, so she decides to paint Diego cooking in his green undies, just like he does almost everyday. She's suprised to find Kai has photobombed the picture she used for referrence, but she is far too busy for his antics and apperent stalking habits. She finishes the painting and gives it to Diego as a present, which he hangs in his room. But she isn't over and decides to make a painting of the little MySim figure of Chef Gino they have on their kitchen, which turns out great.

It's time for Diego to go to work, but not before gretting J, who's just casually passing by, giving him a passionate kiss. But duty calls so he heads to the labs. In there, he needs to start on his SimRay, but needs to ask some co-workers for a metal and a crystal, so he heads to poor Misael, who's in a really bad mood, so Diego goes ask Meredith Wall instead. When he has the two elements, he still needs some basil to also get a head start on the Red Hot serum, so he goes get some at the greenhouse. However, he doesn't find any so he orders some instead.

When he finished the serum, he calls out for Joel's help, who drinks it and feels the effects, he starts getting really angry, even though on the outside he's struggling to keep smiling, very fakely indeed. However, when Diego leaves him be to make another one for himself to test, Joel Crowley storms off and goes into the backyard knock down the trash dump. His facade is over. But it's time for Diego to feel the effects, when he drinks the serum, which strangely enough, has no effects on him.

However, he has also adquired the metal and crystal he needed from Meredith,therefore he is able to finally produce the SimRay, so he approaches the I.C. and does so. Once he's done, he is ready to use his SimRay, that is actually a freeze ray that can freeze people. But he needs to use it on someone, and who better than the hot-head of the place, Joel, who could really cool down a notch. But before, he has to name his invention, which he names: DA BOOTY 2000. But he looses no time and freezes Joel up, but feels guilty, since deep down he knows it was his fault for giving him the serum, so he cracks him open.

His shift is soon over, so he heads home with a brand new weapon to use agains those he feels like, though Diego would never do such thing. Kimiko, who's also been promoted to a medical assistant, and Gwen has hanged her Chef Gino painting on the kitchen wall, so all's well when it ends well.