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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 2
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 2 (Selfie Galore) is the 2nd Part of the Get to Work Let's Play. The character's starter home is introduced.

Summary Edit

In their brand new house, things get steamy between the housemates, when Gwen and Diego go out for some window shopping and Gwen sights the Goth couple, developing an interest in Bella Goth and their family money. Meanwhile, Diego and Kimiko meet the locals and apply for their respective jobs.

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The gang finally arrives to their house in Oasis Springs. The three get used to their surroundings and immedietly apply to their respective jobs: Kimiko applies to be a doctor, Diego a scientist and Gwen a detevctive, and all the three are accepted.

Everyone gets to know each other and Gwen immedietly starts to play her michievious game, starting to play pranks on Kimiko right away, while Diego rests by himself, outside having fun with his phone, and sights a really handsome sim, J Hammington III jogging around, and approaches him to flirt and talk, while Kimiko does the same with Don Lothario.

Diego and Gwen head together to Magnolia Promenade, do some window shopping, only to remind Gwen of how broke she is, with very little Simoleons. However, on the other side of the shop she spies Mortimer Goth, noneother than the rich aristrocat and decides to maybe get to his money through his heart, but as Bella Goth walks in she changes her mind and decides to go for her. As she goes chat to her and give her some advice on what to buy or not to buy, she tells Diego to distract Mortimer away from the shop to possibly get some romantic action with Bella, right away, without being caught. Diego takes Mortimer all the way to a nearby kids park, while Gwen continues to hit on Bella, who's not really digging it, but Gwen hasn't given up trying. She now strikes on Mortimer, being rude and mean to him out of nowhere, in order to get on his bad side, and then decides to practice her fighting for her job by fighting with him, obviously winning. The two come out of it enimies however, but Gwen doesn't mind.

Gwen is angry, so she and Diego head back home, in Bella's company, away from any husbands, who has started to catch up on Gwen's real intentions, to have her cheat on Mortimer, and neither she or Kimiko are feeling the idea too too much, but Gwen is willing to convince her. She learns that Bella is actually a secret agent at S.I.M.S., while Diego and Bella invite their new aquaintances over, as Bella leaves. As everyone bonds, two pizza delivery Sims walk by and everyone feels the tension, but they ignore and keep getting to know the locals.

Diego decides to prepare something for the guests, and take on the baking route too, as well as scientist, baking some goodies for the household, as furious Gwen lets her anger out on a grilled cheese sandwich. She's upset that Bella Goth didn't fall in her arms immedietly, but plans start building in her head.

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Milestones Edit

  • Gwen is accepted into the Detective Career.
  • Kimiko is accepted into the Doctor Career.
  • Diego is accepted into the Scientist Career.