Gwen's Revenge
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 32
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 32 (Gwen's Revenge) is the 32nd Part of the Get to Work Let's Play. This is a special part as instead of regular Live Mode gameplay, it is filmed using cinematics, to celebrate a turning point in the series as well as the Halloween special.

Summary Edit

Gwen wakes up in the after-life and threathens the Grim Reaper to resurrect her, which he does, allowing her to have her revenge on the Goths, who are revealed to have planned her death all along, poisoning her wedding cake slice, and murders them using the DA BOOTY 4000. However, Gwen has an happy ending when Haleigh finally comes forward and confesses her love, proposing to her and the two marry on the spot where Bella and Gwen previously tied the knot.

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Plot Edit

Crimson Transformation

Gwen's determination to live transforms her into a Crimson Butterfly.

Gwen wakes up in the "Other World", after dying at the dancefloor on her wedding, and finds herself near the Grim Reaper residence. She almost accepts her death, laying within the fires of the afterlife but she then gathers strength and the will to live on and transforms into a Crimson Butterfly and stomps her way to the Grim Reaper's estate, ready for revenge.

Grim's Estate

Gwen finds her way into the Grim Reaper's manor.

She discovers that the Grimm Reaper missed her dead because he was at his own Spooky Day party and passed out drunk in his own bathroom, and is awaken by the ringing doorbell. When he opens the door he finds an angry Gwen with a knife who threatens to strike. However, Grim begs for her to stop and since he missed her death to give her a proper trial, ressurecting her from the dead.

Goth's Gotta Die

Mortimer and Bella freeze to death due to Diego's DA BOOTY 4000.

Gwen crashes the party, where she finds her friends are miserable but also that it was Mortimer Goth who poisoned Gwen's cake slice and was still in cahoots with Bella, as it turns out their fortune is built on the same basis of Gwen's motivations, marrying millionaires and killing them to inherit their money. Kimiko, Diego, Alfonso, and Haleigh are incredibly happy that Gwen is back alive, the Goths however are in major shock. In the heath of the occurance, Haleigh comes forward to kiss Gwen and confess her attraction, as the thought of loosing her gave her strenght.

Tables Have Turned

Gwen is now the one sporting Bella's black widow pendant.

Gwen isn't over with Bella and Mortimer, and yells at them for attempting to kill her and fetches the DA BOOTY 4000 from Diego, shooting Bella and Mortimer with it, freezing them to their death.

Fairy Wedding

Gwen and Haleigh elope on the spot, after so much denying.

Haleigh and Gwen are now happy and kiss right in front of the Goths graves, as Gwen wears Bella's black widow necklace this time. Now that she has confessed her love, comes forward and proposes to her right away, no holding back. It seems it really was destiny after both attending the party with the same costumes. Gwen happily accepts and the two marry in the Black Widow, taking advantage that they're already there with all the wedding proceedures, only this time the two are promised to have a happy marriage. Her friends are proud and even the Grim Reaper attends.

Notes Edit

  • This is the Halloween special;

Milestones Edit

  • Gwen is ressurected.
  • Bella and Mortimer are murdered.
  • Gwen and Haleigh have their first kiss, engage and marry.