Mysterious Puddles
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 3
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 3 (Mysterious Puddles) is the 3nd Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

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Kimiko's first day as a doctor couldn't go any better, as she cures patients and meets her co-workers and finds herself in some interesting situations, as it seems an epidemic has hit the Goth family and mysterious puddles are spreading all through the hospital.

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It's night at the house, and Kimiko wakes up early, preparing for her first day at work, but heads out into the fields searching for Easter Eggs, as Easter is arriving, but duty calls and she leaves for the hospital in Magnolia Promenade and gets her first looks and feels of what is waiting ahead of her. She immedietly tries to get to know some of the co-workers, like Royce Cornell, the nurse, Britany Barkley, the doctor, and the hunky recepcionist assistant, Alfonso O'Neil.

When she heads to greet some patients too, she is shocked to see Mortimer is one of them, and Kimiko wonders what Gwen would do if she was the doctor instead. However, as an intern, Kimiko has little to no power to treat patients just yet, but that doesn't stop her as she decides she'll analyse Mr. Geoffrey Landgraab. She then proceeds to actually try and cure Mortimer, who's been affected by the Llama Flu, giving hima vaccine and actually cures his flu, sending him off on his life.

She sets to explore the hospital, resting for a while on her first day, but the building is full of mysterious liquid puddles. She goes chat with the co-workers, which proove themselves to be pretty useless, as Royce and Alfonso talk more than they work, until suddently Bella crashes the scene, lining in the queue of patients that has been waiting for Alfonso to do something, with her little son Alexander Goth.

But Kimiko's back to work, curing patient Dennis Kim of his Gas and Giggles and treating Bella, who's being a tad stubborn, but also gets shoked by a thermometer on the process, and Katrina Caliente, mopping up the puddles and, now that Royce has decided to get to work too, she goes grab a snack between patients. But when she tries to take Bella's temperature again, the thermometer shocks her again, making her assume that Gwen must have made some kind of VooDoo magic on the device.

Her work day is done, and she returns home, while the rest of the roomates are still at their work. She takes the time to uncover the things she has collected earlier in the morning, and finds an Easter egg and a MySim figurine, which she has decided to start a collection on. So she sets on finding more, as Gwen returns form the Police Station, and so does Diego. The three friends hangout for a while, watching TV and what not, and Diego has his first ever breakthrough while on the shower, getting an idea for a momentum conserver.

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  • Kimiko meets Alfonso.