7 Minutes In Heaven
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 45
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 45 (7 Minutes In Heaven) is the 45th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Kimiko's mother Amy has come to live in Willow Creek so the family pays her a visit and within her brand new police station crew, in hopes to get promoted, Gwen cotinues to solve the latest case, and when she thinks she has found the guilty criminal, turns out she was wrong. Luckily the balance is restored when the real criminal is arrested.

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Kimiko's mother, Amy Kurosawa, has moved into Willow Creek after hearing about Kimiko's expanded family, so Kimiko, Alfonso and Precious go meet up with her at her mansion, to introduce both Precious and Alfonso to her. Alfonso wants to make a good impression so he brags about his job title, but Amy is not really interested, which makes him embarrased.

Back at home, Kimiko and Alfonso have a steamy night in their closet, where they Woo-Hoo, as everyone sleeps at night.

Back at the police station, Gwen has arrived for work and is suprised to see a brand new set of co-workers, including Isis Dawkins, an alien Lab Technician, Debrick Helton, a new receptionist assistant and even a new chief, Moira Fryes, a Windenburg native. But Gwen has no time to loose, she's close to a new promotion and need only one more solved case to fullfill the necessary requirements. Gathering the clues to her most recent case, she finds out that she need to look for a young woman with black hair and long sleeves, so she leaves on the hunt for the criminal.

She heads to the Purple Rain nightclub, and storms in, finding a lady named Audrea Barraza, which fits in all the descriptons and takes her with her right away, fast and easy. In the police station, Audrea changes into a prisioner outfit right away, as if surrendering, but Gwen gives her an interrogation either way. After the process, however, Gwen is suprised to find that Audrea is actually innocent.

Gwen's out on the hunt again, now looking for the criminal in Windenburg, in a local gym, and she finds Samantha, who also fits the description, and arrests her instead. Luckily, at the interrogation table, it is revealed Samantha McLaughlin is indeed the culprit and she is taken behind the bars, giving Gwen her so wanted promotion.

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  • This is the first episode of Get To Work where Get Together has been put into the picture, making it the first episode where storylines start interlacing.