Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 4
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 4 (BROWNIES!!!) is the 4th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Gwen gets to work in the police station, getting aquainted with everything and everyone, actually starting to solve her first detective case ever, catching clues at the crime scene and analyzing them, all while unde the supervision of her harsh chief. Luckily, Diego has started to learn how to bake and has made some delicious brownies that everyone can enjoy, which quickly become his perdilect dish to make.

Sims Edit

  • Diego Moreno
  • Gwen Lovelace
  • Cooper Carter (debut)
  • Thalia Finney (debut)
  • Adan Hanna (debut)
  • Allen Schreiber (debut)
  • Mikaela Spain (debut)
  • Zoe Patel

Plot Edit

Kimiko has continued with her collection, of both MySim figures and Easter eggs, and is now sleeping. Meanwhile, Diego is a good roomate and decides to bake some goodies for the household, after opening all of Kimiko's collectibles.

Gwen and Diego are friends, yet Kimiko is still rather distanced, however, she has been more focused on getting to know her co-workers, especially Alfonso, who she might have developed a little crush on, texting them throughout the day. Meanwhile, Diego has finished some premade brownies for breakfast, justin time for Gwen and Kimiko to wake up, getting ready to head to work.

However, Kimiko has to rush into her doctor career, before even eating anything, but the two friends Gwen and Diego happily enjoy the brownies and OJ together, even though Gwen does start to feel a little dazed and rather sick. However, that doesn't stop her to head on to the Police Station, in Magnolia Promenade, where she starts to get used to the surroundings, meet the co-workers and what not.

She heads immedietly to the computer area, getting aquainted with the fellow workers, as she gets a case assignment. She soon travels to a crime scene to collect the clues needed to solve the case in charge. In the Landgraab mansion, she starts exploring, noticing that the place has been vandalized and has now a few graffitis scattered around the yard and even inside the mansion.

Inside the house, Gwen meets a suspicious Bella Goth, yet again, and finds it weird that she's always finding her at the most absurd places, either sick or miserable. She greets her and asks for a witness report, and does the same to Zoe Patel, before looking for more evidence.

After she's done, she heads back to the Police Office, where she starts to investigate the clues, using a chemical analizer, however, she fails miserably, as the office's chemist Mikaela Spain judges her. Luckily, she is able to succesfully analyze another clue. She forces one of her co-workers to open up a computer for her so she can work and starts up getting into the case.

After she is done, she finds she still has spare working time and decides to go take some mugshots of criminals, registering fingerprints and all, until she is shocked to find none other than Mortimer Goth showing up at the reception to report something, which makes Gwen even more suspicious. She thinks they must be up to no good, yet she carries with her job.

She decides to introduce herself to the chief, Cooper Carter, a cranky folk apparently, as he has nothing good to say to her, aside from mean-spirited critizisms. Gwen just carries on and continues to testing clues and all, until her work day is over.

Back at home, Kimiko and Gwen enjoy some of the brownies together, waiting for Diego to arrive from work, and Kimiko goes out around town collecting some more collectors. Luckily, by selling all the items she found scattered, she's able to buy a chemistry table, which is useful for everyone, since Diego's a scientist who will use it for sure, Gwen might need to analyze clues and Kimiko's doctor career will benifit from the logic the chemistry table proprtionates.