MTS Stefan-984699-ParisMedium
Paris Hilton
Biographical information
Full name: Paris Hilton
Status: Dead (as a SimBot)
Cause of Death: Drowning in the pool (Human). Short circuited in rain (Simbot)
Age: Adult
Residence: Sunset Valley (formerly)
Twinbrooke (formerly)
Bridgeport (currently)
Occupation: Business (resigned)

Stylist (resigned)

Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Grey
Marital status: In a Relationship
Significant Other/s: Microwave (boyfriend)

Paris Hilton is the main protagonist of The Sims 3 and one of the original six household members from the first playthrough series. She is two of four in the original household females and is also a download content; since she wasn't featured in the default Choose-A-Sim. Paris is based on the socialite, actress and entertainer of the same name.

She is also featured in other playthrough's like The Sims 3 Ambitions and Generations. She was renamed to Paris HiltonV2.


Paris has an average height and has a skinny build as well. She has straight blonde hair and has grey pupils. She wears a baby pink dress and a pair of black heels. Paris also has a blue raindrop shaped earring dangling from her ears.

After being killed off purposely by AndrewArcade by drowning in the pool, her ghost was aqua blue and she had water dripping from her ghost. She also became a rusty SimBot after she evolved into one that was created by Douche Bag.


Paris was shown to be a Hopeless Romantic as she had fallen in love with a microwave after conversing with it after a few minutes. She is shown to be a horrible cook, even with a decent amount of skill points, and it is assumed that she isn't a Natural Cook. 


  • She is the first Sim overall in one of Andrew's playthroughs to transform into a playable ghost and an SimBot.
  • When Paris had transformed into a SimBot, she chatted with a microwave and fell in love with it.