Pixie Pomegranate

Pixie Pomegranate is a member of the Pomegranate family in Andrew's 'The Sims' Let's play. She acts as the 'head' of the house and she has Maxed out skills.


In The Sims, Pixie appears as a normal sim with a fantasy head, including what looks like ears as well as a gold headband. She wears an outfit from The Sims Makin' Magic which is green and covered in jewellery.

Mortimer GothEdit

In Andrew's Let's play of The Sims, Pixie brought a dragon off of Vicki Vampiress which ended up hatching to become a Burnie. Burnie set a fire off in the downstairs bathroom, attracting many sims to it including Mortimer Goth and Bethany Grapes. As Mortimer Goth ran into the bathroom, Just after Bethany's escape, Pixie stepped into the doorway, trapping both Mortimer and Josephine in the flames. Pixie amazing didn't set herself on fire and whilst Andrew was rapidly clicking to get her to move, she remained still, right by the open flame. By this point in time, the fire had reached poor Mortimer, and it had started to burn him to death. Pixie started extiguishing the flames surrounding Mortimer and herself but it was too late and Mortimer had perished to death, As a final act of hope, she pleaded with The Grim Reaper to save Mortimer's life but unfortunately, was dismissed. Mortimers grave was then placed on the front lawn for everyone to see as they walked past, scaring off claire the bear! Pixie is declared a murderer!