Scruffy Pineapple (née Grapes) is one of the main characters of The Sims series. He is currently working in the science career and lives with his identical twin brother, Fluffy. Scruffy has married two times in the series his first wife being Bella Goth, who was killed during the process of fixing the television; and Chris Roomies, who is his current lover.


"'This is Scruffy. He is Scruffy and from the inside he is fluffy.'"

Scruffy Pineapple was presumed to be born in Neighborhood 1, along with his identical brother Fluffy. At some point Scruffy and Fluffy were separated and Scruffy moved in with his friend Bill Grapes along with his wife, Bethany. During his stay with the Grapes, Scruffy babysat both children Danny and Paula Grapes; and also married Bella Goth, whom Andrew trapped and made her a "test subject".

After the death of Bella Grapes, Scruffy continued his life until he discovered that his brother had moved into the same neighborhood, where his brother Fluffy had invited join the household once more; which he had accepted the invite. There, he married Chris Roomies and lived in a sort-of happily ever after in the Pineapple household, along with Fluffy and Kitten Pineapple.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Scruffy Grapes originally wore the greasy green shirt and blue jeans as Bob Newbie and has medium-long dark blond hair with some facial hair. He was also obese. After installing the Livin' Large expansion pack, Scruffy changed his old greasy clothes for a purple leisure suit.


Scruffy Pineapple is shown to be a playful and an kind-hearted man, despite being consoled by Chip the Entertainer, resulting Chris Roomie to slap his a number of times. He took good care of both Danny and Paula Grapes, where he was temporarily called Uncle Scruffy, and also risked taking time off work during his process on taking care of them. 


  • Scruffy was never registered as Fluffy's brother, so Andrew was presumed to pretend to have them related, since the game cannot register siblings or relatives.
  • He is the first character of the series to have his/her sibling or relative to become featured in the series. 
  • He is the first character to use the second toilet in the Grapes household.
  • His bedroom theme in the series is a Las Vegas theme, with a Vibromatic Love Bed in it.