Sonya Sanchez Fyres
Biographical information
Gender: Female
Age: *Young Adult (Get Together
Residence: Les Apodments, Windenburg
Occupation: Entertainer
Club(s): *Prsisim (leader)
Traits: *Insider
  • Dance Machine
  • Jealous
  • Gregarious
Realtives: *Dominic Fyres (husband)
Marital status: Married
Romances: *Dominic Fyres (husband)
Friend(s): *Tiffany Montgomery
Enemy(s): *Moira Fyres
First Appearance: Shine Bright
Appears In: The Sims 4: Get Together

The Sims 4: City Living

Sonya Sanchez Fyres (née Sonya Sanchez) is a character in the main household of the Sims 4: Get Together Let's Play.

Character Edit

Background Edit

Little is known about Sonya's past before the start of the series.

However, it's known she has some sort of Mexican descendance (or the equivalent in the Sims Universe), and that her two parents, Marisol Sanchez and Jesse Sanchez, are deceased.

She and Rafa Vazquez have met in the past and spent enough time together that they consider each other friends, getting together to by a room at an apartment downtown of Windenburg.

Personality Edit

Sonya is a strong ambitious woman, with a passion for dancing. Not afraid to show what she has to give, she's an amazing supportive friend and great company. However, she can be considered rather needy, at times, and her jealousy gets the best of her most of the times.

Appearance Edit

Sonya has long straight hair dyed in a bright colour of blue, blue eyes and a curvy body in fair skin. She wears mostly shades of blue, green and pink, in either a sporty chic or a boho style. Her original hair shade is a dark brown.

Relationships Edit