Sookie Stockhouse
Sookie Stackhouse
Biographical information
Full name: Sookie Stackhouse
Status: Deceased
Age: Elder
Residence: Sunset Valley (formerly)

Riverview (formerly)
Bridgeport (currently)

Occupation: Police Officer (retired; possibly)
Other information
Alias: Sook (TV series)
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: In A Relationship (possibly)
Significant Other/s: Hank Goddard (romantic interest)

Bill Compton (boyfriend; possibly)

Sookie Stackhouse is the main protagonist of The Sims 3 and  one of the original six household members from the first playthrough series. She is three of four in the original household females and is also a download content; since she wasn't featured in the default Choose-A-Sim. Sookie is based on the most prominent protagonist from the television series True Blood of the same name. 

She is also featured in other playthrough's like The Sims 3: World Adventures and Generations. Sookie also made a small appearance at the end of Ambitions, whilst Douche BagKate Bag, their daughter Shirley Bag and Bill Compton. She fell inlove with him at first sight.


Sookie has an average height and has a skinny build as well. She has messy blonde hair and has brown pupils. She wears a white tee shirt with a green name-tag on the top right of the shirt. She also wears dark blue denim shorts and matching black sneakers, which appear to be lighter than her shorts.


Sookie possesses the combined personality of traits which consists of Brave, Friendly, Loner, Hopeless Romantic, and Good. She was considered as a background protagonist as stated by Andrew as he added her for the World Adventures playthrough. Even if he said this, she did go on adventures in France in the playthrough.


  • Sookie was technically the only hardworking Sim in the original household of six, as she was the only one in The Sims 3 playthrough to get an pop-up for which branch will she be joining.
  • She was cheated on by her partner Hank Goddard with Kate in order to get her lifetime wish to fulfill. However, she did not discover the temporary secret affair between the two as she was not interested to speak with Hank.
  • She was the final Sim to age up in The Sims 3.
  • She was considered a background protagonist by Andrew, after he revealed this while he added her in the World Adventures playthrough. Even though he said this, she did go on adventures in France in the playthrough.