The Pomegranate Family were the fourth and final family Andrew played with in his Sims 1 LP. They were created to show off the Makin' Magic expansion pack. There are 6 members of the household as of the final episode: Pixie, Sabrina, Kyle, Jack, Josephine and Salem. Other members included Frobert the XV and Mortimer Goth, both of whom died. However Mortimer was resurrected and moved back in with his family.

Members Edit

Name Age Status
Pixie Elder Alive
Sabrina Adult Alive
Kyle Adult Alive
Jack Child Alive
Josephine Child Alive
Salem Adult Alive
Frobert XV Adult Dead

Trivia Edit

  • The family had 4 dragons: Burnie #2, Pyritie and Torch. Burnie #1 was set free after an incident involving him setting a fire (see below).
  • Mortimer Goth was accidentally killed by a fire in the bathroom which was started by Burnie #1. He was later resurrected and eventually was able to move back in with his family.
  • Salem was the family cat until Sabrina used the A Friend Indeed spell on him.
  • Frobert XV was a prince spawned by kissing frogs produced by a failed charm. He later died however, partially due to the fact that he rejected Sabrina's advances.
  • The Clone Drone charms never seemed to work. The clones would always water the road and then spontaneously combust in the front garden.