Let's Play The Sims 3 Combined - S1 P1 - (University Life)

Let's Play The Sims 3 Combined - S1 P1 - (University Life)


The Sims 3 Combined
 ​is the final The Sims 3 playthrough created by AndrewArcade. Its purpose is to combine the gameplay of all 11 expansion packs released for The Sims 3, with a special focus on expansion packs AndrewArcade did not play at the time they were released. The series began on March 15, 2013. It follows the lives of well-known Sims from Andrew's previous Let's Play series.

In the episode "Island Paradise", it was announced that half of the household would be left behind to go on seperate ways, while Plastic and Keely would go on to live in Isla Paradiso with their mutual friend Jason Parker. The adventures of these three Sims start in Season 2.

In the episode "Roaring Heights", the other half of the household had moved to the downloadable town called Roaring Heights, where Daisy and Luigi Jr. joined them as well. This is the third season of the Let's Play series.

Main CharactersEdit

The Bags Edit

  • Candy Bag - She was the child of Mercury Bag and Garbage Bag. When she moved to Bridgeport, she came to follow the footsteps of her grandmother and take the challenging role of acting. Candy was specifically supposed to become a singer, but Andrew didn't like the Showtime expansion pack.
  • Plastic Bag - One of the members of the iconic Bag Family and a college graduate with a degree in Communications. After the first season of Combined, he moves to Isla Paradiso with his girlfriend Keely Red and their mutual friend Jason Parker. There he marries Keely and they have their first child,Tea. Plastic serves as the main diver in the household.
  • Keely Red-Bag - One of the members of the Red Family and a college graduate with a degree in Business. After the first season of Combined ended, she joins her boyfriend Plastic Bag and their friend Jason Parker in Isla Paradiso. She marries Plastic and has their first child Tea in the second season. Keely serves as the main resort owner in the household, where she owns the Headbutt Arcade resort.
  • Tea Bag - The first child of Plastic and Keely Bag born in the second season of Combined. Before she was born and was still in Keely's abdomen, Andrew asked his fans what name he should give the baby. The name Tea was given and was well-received by Andrew, expressing his fondness of the idea. Her name was also a reference to her grandmother, Ti Bag. 
  • Sebastian Bag - The cat Keely Bag stole from her boss in the second season of Combined. When Keely attended her boss's costume party (which was a flop), she convinced his cat to join her household; they boated back (on separate boats, because the cat apparently did not want to be near Keely) to their home on a newly-discovered island.