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March 31, 2015

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March 30, 2015

The Sims 4: Get to Work series was created by AndrewArcade on March 30, 2015, and is currently finished. The series follows the life of three young Sims and their lives and careers in Oasis Springs.


Kimiko, Diego, and Gwen move into their new home in Oasis Springs, and go about their lives and new careers and drama is sure to set off.

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Part Title Thumbnail Description Upload Date
1 BEANIE HYPE The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 1 Three Sims, Gwen Lovelace, Diego Moreno and Kimiko Kurosawa, gather together to live in Oasis Springs, to start their independent lives as successful workers. 30 Mar 2015
2 Selfie Galore The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 2 In their brand new house, things get interesting between the housemates, when Gwen and Diego go out for some window shopping and Gwen sights the Goth couple, developing an interest in Bella Goth and their family money. Meanwhile, Diego meets the locals, like J, who's the hottest guy around, and Kimiko starts playing, ready to find her soulmate, could it be Don, the local womanizer? They all apply for their respective jobs, all while keeping the selfies coming, of course. 30 Mar 2015
3 Mysterious Puddles The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 3 Kimiko's first day as a doctor couldn't go any better, as she cures patients and meets her co-workers and finds herself in some interesting situations, as it seems an epidemic has hit the Goth family and mysterious puddles are spreading all through the hospital. 30 Mar 2015
4 BROWNIES!!! The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 4 Gwen gets to work in the police station, getting aquainted with everything and everyone, actually starting to solve her first detective case ever, catching clues at the crime scene and analyzing them, all while unde the supervision of her harsh chief. Luckily, Diego has started to learn how to bake and has made some delicious brownies that everyone can enjoy, which quickly become his perdilect dish to make. 31 Mar 2015
5 Slapped Silly The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 5 It's Diego's time to shine, as he heads into the FutureSim Labs and starts his work day with new friendships and inventions, with some misfortune and space for learning regarding serums. However, he's really invested in his science career, and spends the night outside doing his own thing, while Kimiko bonds with her co-worker Alfonso, who she might be crushing on, and Gwen starts her mischief legacy by tormenting one of Diego's fellow scientist, Dr. Misael. 31 Mar 2015
6 Work It The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 6 After a tiresome session of photo snapping and posing with Diego, Gwen is fresh to head into another day of being a police, with plans of playing bad cop and do anarchy instead of authority. However, she's faced with the delinquent Kai, who turns out to be an actual co-worker of hers and an aspiring detective too. Kai is nothing short of agressive, which Gwen isn't taking, so she shows him what she's made of and the two become nemesis. 31 Mar 2015
7 Crescent Plaza The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 7 It's the evening after Gwen's interesting encounter, and Diego spends the night working on his scientific achievements. The next day, Kimiko also rises up in her career when she is finally promoted and decides to explore some retail bussinesses around town, like the recently opened mall Crescent Plaza. 1 Apr 2015
8 Pizza Betrayal The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 8 Kimiko celebrates her promotion by inviting Don over, but is caught off guard when Alfonso, comes for a visit too and she finds herself divided between her two crushs that, to make matters worse, are paying more attention to each other than to herself. Things don't get better for poor Kimiko when, after betraying Diego by trashing a plate of his famous brownies, she herself is betrayed when the pizza she ordered never shows up. 2 Apr 2015
9 Trouble In Paradise The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 9 Gwen heads to a day of work but stumbles into none other than Kai, who starts comflict again, but she doesn't have time for that, since now she's more determined than ever to get promoted and possibly steal his job, so she heads out trying to solve her case. What she finds is something different, as she runs into Bella, who confesses that her marriage with Mortimer has seen better days, and Misael, who is causing havock on the streets with fellow sassy lady Toni, who fights Gwen when she's given a citation. At night, Diego goes out with J and arranges a romantic rande-vouz with him at the house. 3 Apr 2015
10 Modern Romance The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 10 At the hospital, Kimiko has one heck of a day when one of her patients turns out to be Kai. However, Kai prooves all she's heard of him wrong when he reveals himself to have a soft side of a romantic suave art lover. Meanwhile, Diego and J are getting closer than ever and finally share their first kiss. 6 Apr 2015
11 DA BOOTY 2000 The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 11 Diego is feeling focused at work and finally gets to make his ideas into inventions, creating a special serum that will make people angry, testing it on fellow scientist Joel, and a SimRay that can freeze people, which he names DA BOOTY 2000 and also tests on poor Joel. 7 Apr 2015
12 Power & Control The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 12 After Diego's tiresome day at the lab, the girls of the house go out for some shopping until night falls, and Gwen, inspired by the bussinesses surrounding her, decides to buy her own plot of land. However, Kimiko has to go to the hospital where she is getting bigger roles and even has another encounter with Kai, much to Alfonso's jealousy. Luckily, she's able to rest back at home where the roomies have a little get together with Bella and J, who rudely rejects Diego's request for them to start dating, and Kimiko decides to invite over Kai and give him a chance, which he clearly doesn't take since he suprisingly starts being mean to her and less mellow. That is, until Gwen realizes he's there and expels him from the house for good. 8 Apr 2015
13 Watch Your Back The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 13 When Gwen goes back to the P.D., her boss Cooper isn't too satisfied with the ruckus she's been creating, in fights and conflicts with Kai, and warns her that at the smallest mistake he might just fire her, leaving Gwen with the promise to get so much success she'll one day replace him as chief. Despite this, Gwen ascends professionally when she finally solves a case through suspect interrogation. In the end of the day, the gang finally settles down to actually build a small house in their plot of land, preparing everything for the grand opening of their own retail shop, where paintings and collectibles will be sold. 10 Apr 2015
14 Bun Bun 140px When Kimiko finally finishes her Easter egg hunt by finding every egg, she's rewarded with a pleasant suprise, a giant bunny plushie, Bun Bun. Meanwhile, Diego finally upgrades DA BOOTY 2000, making it also transform objects, and Gwen has finally started storing her paintings to sell in the store. 13 Apr 2015
15 Poor Pedro 140px A day full of dillemas for Kimiko. As the grand opening approaches, Kimiko's nerves are on hedge when not only is she now "gifted" with a rather chatty assistant, since Alfonso has been promoted to doctor, but she also has some missadventures relating to giving out wrong medicines to kids and anxiety over having kids of her own. 20 Apr 2015
16 Fuego The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 16 It's the eve of the opening and everyone is busy, especially Diego who has taken some time to settle down and test his updater DA BOOTY 2000, accidently causing a fire that only makes everyone more tense. Nothing that a good night of sleep can't fix though, as everyone wakes up fresh in the next day and Gwen takes lead, gathering the troops of all their acquaintances to come help in the pre-opening preparations, making the store look ready for bussiness. 21 Apr 2015
17 First Simoleon The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 17 The day of the grand opening finally arrives and the family store is off to a great start, when Gwen is able to sell all her paintings. However, costumer Haleigh seems to also have sold something, her heart, as she not so subtuly expresses some attraction towards the hostess, who receives it well, since she is starting to loose interest on Bella. Meanwhile Kimiko is divided between Kai or Alfonso on who to get steady with. 22 Apr 2015
18 Date Night 140px Kimiko finally makes a decision and chooses sweet Alfonso over Kai, inviting him on a casual date that turns into a nightout for everyone in the household, as Diego finally gets steady with J and the two start dating and Gwen not only makes progress with Bella and now Haleigh, but also adds a new person into the mix, Dina, one of the most desired bachelorettes in town. Luckily for everyone, they all have a great night and Kimiko and Alfonso start dating as well, tying the ends to the division drama.
19 Ladies In Red 140px Gwen's mind is a twist of spontaneous when she decides that, with Haleigh in the equation, maybe she'll terrorize Bella's life instead, destroying her marriage for fun, so she invites her out, along with the other two recently formed couples, into a bar to finish the weekend in a good note, by seducing her even more. The two finally share a kiss and Gwen is looking foreward to take it foreward and invites her to stay the night at her house. 28 Apr 2015
20 The Grind 140px After a steamy nights between Bella and Gwen, where the two woo-hoo for the first time, Diego's duty calls and he returns to the lab where he reconnects with some old friends, including Haleigh who's a scientis too, and works as a receptionist. 1 May 2015
21 Bladder Epidemic 140px Kimiko is ready to get her life going and at night pulls Alfonso to privacy and proposes to him, ending up engaged with him. On the other hand, Diego got engaged too, but with his evil side, when he decides to rebel his work schedule and set chaos all throughout the Labs, when he creates a satellite dish, making his co-workers have a sudden bladder epidemic, then pass out and then get angry, really embracing the mischief that his job enables him to do. However, he also learns about what seems to be an ancient secret, when the satellite also grants his electronics at home to receive some strange channels, which seem to indicate the existance of alien presence. 2 May 2015
22 New Hospital 140px Kimiko is ectastic that Alfonso and her got engaged, so much that she couldn't have more energy to give in the day of work at the hospital, which seems to have been revamped in her absence, and is now much smaller and more quaint. She works her heart off for her patients, all while also preparing everything for the upcoming wedding. The wedding is getting steady and the invites are sent, and in a nice afternoon where the sun is setting, the wedding reception begins. 5 May 2015
23 The Wedding 140px It's Kimiko's and Alfonso's wedding and, even though some of the guests can be a bit silly at times, the wedding rolls out amazingly and everyone has fun, with plenty of food, drinks and dancing. When they arrive home, Diego finds that his satellite has been activated to contact aliens and doesn't quite know what to make of it, while Kimiko and Alfonso are busy on their first night, where they woo-hoo and turns out Kimiko gets out of it pregnant, at last. 7 May 2015
24 Indecent Exposure 140px Turns out that aliens do exist and Diego is their pray, when, attracted by the satellite's beam, they abduct Diego and keep him for the whole morning, doing all times of things on him that seem to amuse him quite a lot, due to his love for science. Alfonso has also decided to quit his job as a doctor and embrace his love for bussiness, and what better way to start it up then with a visit to the shop, where loads of money is made from all of Gwen' masterpieces and even a small toilet is bought to satisfy the costumer's needs, albeit it being on the front porch. 8 May 2015
25 New Shades 140px Diego is starting to worry about his health, since his belly is starting to have some strange reactions, but who has reasons to be worried is Gwen. Whe she's handed the case of Vivian Lewis horrid murder, she discovers that the murderer is none other than Haleigh, in what seems to be an attempt to impress her. She's shocked but she must admit: she's quite fond of this new side of her. 13 May 2015
26 The Basement 140px Gwen cuts the corners of Haleigh's case by finally getting a confession out of her and arresting her, while both Kimiko's and Diego's bellies keep on growing. This confuses Diego largely, however, he's a bit happier now that he can sleep in his little lair underground, as the basement has been decorated to suit him. 18 May 2015
27 Luxurious Party 140px When a casual nightout turns into an avalanche of drama, Diego accidently gives the impression he going to propose to J, who violently refuses, hurting Diego, and the two break up on the spot, leaving space for a new couple, as Gwen and Bella become closer when Gwen finally convinces her "lover" to divorce Mortimer and the two get engaged. On the other hand, Kimiko's belly is popping, as seems to be her wedding, when she sees Alfonso flirting with someone else and looses her cool. 20 May 2015
28 Precious 140px The night was heated but they all rested well, however, Kimiko seems to have not a spare, when her waters break and, when she attempts to relax after Alfonso's little slip, she goes into labour and has to be taken to the hospital. There, she finally gives birth to a precious baby girl, who she calls Precious. When they get home, Diego is the most excited to see the baby, and seeing Precious makes him put all the pieces together and realize that the reason why his body's been suffering strange metamorphosis: he's been impregnated when he was abducted by aliens! 26 Oct 2015
29 Carving Pumpkins! 140px When Halloween is approaching and Gwen decides that her wedding with Bella should take place at Halloween, to correlate with Gwen's plans of murdering her to get her fortune, the gang goes to a spooky lounge where Kimiko gets to know Haleigh, who has secretly broken out of prison, Diego has fun carving pumpkins and getting back at J, and Gwen pampers her girlfriend and fights Mortimer, the usual. 26 Oct 2015
30 Family Photos 140px Diego has a busy day at work, where he reconnects with his pals at work after the weekend and upgrades DA BOOTY 2000 to DA BOOTY 4000, adding the power of mind control. He also constructs a handy dandy machine that will one day be able to clone everything. But once he's at home, he feels ready to have the baby, now in a house that's full of photos that Kimiko and Alfonso so selflessly hanged on the walls. 28 Oct 2015
31 Black Widow The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 31 Life and death and love and birth. Diego's alien baby, Xanatu, is finally born, just in time for the long waited wedding of Gwen and Bella, in a special spooky party with costumes and pumpkins, where Gwen prepares herself to preform her black widow strategy. However, the tables turn, when out of the blue, Gwen chokes on the dance floor, prooving that the black widow is indeed someone else... 30 Oct 2015
32 Gwen's Revenge The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 32 Gwen wakes up in the after-life and threathens the Grim Reaper to resurrect her, which he does, allowing her to have her revenge on the Goths, who are revealed to have planned her death all along, poisoning her wedding cake slice, and murders them using the DA BOOTY 2000. However, Gwen has an happy ending when Haleigh finally comes forward and confesses her love, proposing to her and the two marry on the spot where Bella and Gwen previously tied the knot. 31 Oct 2015
33 House Call The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 33 At the hospital, when Kimiko gets her first ever house call, she's faced by an interesting case named Bill, a patient that insists on getting sick and, despite being cured by Kimiko at the clinic, he's also part of the sick family Kimiko has to assist, revealing that his constant illness state is due to his favourite activity: rummaging through trash. 02 Nov 2015
34 Renovation The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 34 TBA TBA
35 Wormhole Generator The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 35 TBA TBA
36 Smashing Pumpkins 140px TBA TBA
37 Adoption Crisis 140px TBA TBA
38 Spa Day 140px TBA TBA
39 Pirate Ship The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 39 TBA TBA
40 That's So Grim The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 40 TBA TBA
41 Familiar Faces The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 41 TBA TBA
42 Weenie Roast The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 42 TBA TBA
43 Medical Specialist The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 43 TBA TBA
44 Patch Hype! The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 44 TBA TBA
45 7 Minutes In Heaven The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 45 Kimiko's mother Amy has come to live in Willow Creek so the family pays her a visit and within her brand new police station crew, in hopes to get promoted, Gwen cotinues to solve the latest case, and when she thinks she has found the guilty criminal, turns out she was wrong. Luckily the balance is restored when the real criminal is arrested. 9 Dec 2015
46 Workaholic The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 46 TBA TBA
47 Newborns The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 47 TBA TBA
48 Boss The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 48 TBA TBA
49 Out of This World The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 49 TBA TBA
50 Amor The Sims 4 Get to Work - Thumbnail 50 Diego finally marries his home-made clone Jay in a beautiful wedding where everyone from family to friends get to attend. 31 Dec 2015

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