Let's Play The Sims - Part 23 (The Quest For Humbert)

Let's Play The Sims - Part 23 (The Quest For Humbert)

The Strawberry's are one of the central families for The Sims playthrough. The family consists four members who are Jackie Strawberry, her husband Walter Strawberry and her housemates Damian Strawberry and Gary Strawberry. They debuted in the twenty-third episode "The Quest for Humbert".

Members of the Strawberry FamilyEdit

List of Strawberry members
Name   Age   Status  
Jackie Strawberry Adult Alive
Walter Strawberry
Damian Strawberry
Gary Strawberry


  • This was the first household to include a third-oriented couple in the household.
  • Damien was supposed to date an NPC named Humbert and marry him as well. However, fans warned Andrew not to because it will break the game itself, resulting in Andrew stopping his quest finding him.
  • They were the first family to have encountered with the evil hotdog stand.