Yalitza Beyotch
Yalitza Beyotch
Biographical information
Full name: Yalitza Beyotch (originally)

Yalitza Banana (currently)

Status: Deceased
Age: Elder
Residence: Sunset Valley (formerly)

Riverview (formerly; temporarily)
Bridgeport (currently)

Occupation: Criminal (resigned)
Other information
Alias: The Latina Bitch

The Latina Girl

Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Grey
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Unspecified French adventurer (romantic interest)
Yalitza Beyotch, later renamed Yalitza Banana, is the main protagonist of The Sims 3 and  one of the original six household members from the first playthrough series. She is one of the four females in the original household and is also a download content; since she wasn't featured in the default Choose-A-Sim. Yalitza is based on the mean latina girls that used to attend Andrew's high school.

She is featured in other playthroughs including The Sims 3 World Adventures and Generations


Yalitza has an average height and has a hourglass figure with a skinny build. In The Sims 3, Yaliza had long and flowing brown hair with grey pupils. She also wears a skimpy red and black dress with a large white belt around her entire waist line. 

Her appearance had changed in World Adventures with her long bitchy hair being replaced with a shoulder length hair-cut. Her skimpy red and black outfit was not changed, but the colors had switched places, where the red top and the large white belt had switched places.


Yalitza possessed the combined traits of Evil, Hopeless Romantic, Hot-Headed, Kleptomaniac, and Insane. She showed off some of her Kleptomaniac abilities when she stole objects from residents and community lots. Yalitza was also one of Scout's baby-sitters and had rubbed off her Evil side on him when she stole candy from him as a young toddler.


  • Yalitza and Kate have a strange fondness of stealing lamps and lights.
  • She was arrested twice; this led to a police officer calling her by her offensive last name at the time, perplexing Andrew, who had been caught off guard.
  • She was the main adventurer for China in the World Adventures playthrough; she went on many rather interesting adventures, one of which resulted in her receiving a staff that could break boulders.
    • She also found her temporary lover whilst she was adventuring; a glitch occurred when she was making out with him, making it look like she was sucking his chest.
    • Yalitza became a black belt in Martial Arts and participated in ranked tournaments with local fighters around the country. One of the most notable was Abi Yat Sen who was a brown belt when Yalitza first encountered her.