Yumi Bunny is a starting sim from The Sims 3 Ambitions LP. She is also a main sim in Generations and moves to Roaring Heights as an elder in Season 3 of Combined.


Yumi Bunny is a detective in Twinbrooke. She eventually falls for roomate, Luigi and tries for baby in the future with him, resulting in their young adult son, Rashawn. At the end of the LP, she travels to the futuristic world of Lunar Lakes with Luigi and Rashawn.


Yumi, now living in Lunar Lakes has quit the detective profession and has taken up babysitting. She and Luigi get pregnant again, since they didn't have the luxury of raisng Rashawn.

Combined Season 3 Edit

Yumi is now an elder and has moved to Roaring Heights for Buster and Luigi Junior's wedding with Daisy and Babs. She is still married to Luigi Sr. and is also still in the daycare profession. She becomes a grandma to Waluigi and a great-grandma to Bugs Bunny.